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Net exposure Fayun temple cultural relics damaged   boardwenguang Hengshan: is in the repair of Shaanxi channel — original title: net exposure of cultural relics destroyed Fayun temple boardwenguang Hengshan: is in the repair of July 14th, is located in the temple town of Hengshan County of Shaanxi province Longshan Village five key cultural relic protection units — law cloud temple began reinforcement and maintenance. Recently, some netizens questioned in the repair process, the millennium of the original building materials were removed at random discarded, causing serious damage to cultural relics. In this regard, the relevant leaders of Hengshan County Bureau of cultural affairs, said the restoration project was approved by the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of cultural relics, demolition of building materials in the last century in 80s rebuilt, has been a serious rot. Scene: the old wood, tile Temple heap corner of the afternoon of September 26th, the China Daily reporter saw at Fayun temple, temple kuixinglou, Niangniang Temple and the main hall has been repaired, the wooden structure built in the new antique building is very eye-catching. Some of the demolition of the old beams, pillars, tiles and other stacked in the corner of the temple, the remnants of individual wood deer, horses and other painting patterns, these rough timber diameter of about 40 cm, the smallest is also a total of more than and 20 cm. On the south side of the temple on the hillside, scattered down wood and brick houses, tiles, etc. are ridge animal materials, construction workers as waste disposal. The scene of a Wu construction workers said, he is also a member of the local villagers, five Longshan temple, has been involved in the restoration and protection of Fayun temple. The workers said the main hall of the building has a history of three hundred years, already overwhelmed, a few years ago outside the hall, the ceiling collapses, the temple will organize the villagers conducted repairs, with bricks made two pillars under the roof, a simple reinforcement. At the scene, a worker with a few hands to pull down the ceiling, a piece of wood was cut down, he said on the roof of a broken bricks will bump gently. "These beams are already rotten, but for a few years before our own reinforcement, hall already collapsed." Wu said that the maintenance of construction personnel, they will be the past the old beams, all the tiles have been replaced, the statue did not move. At present, the project has been basically completed, they are now mainly to clean up the site of residual waste. It is understood that the Fayun temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, the Qing emperor Kangxi, Qian Long and Chongzhen years expansion renovation. The temple building has repeatedly been destroyed in recent years gradually repair and greening in hillside planting, preserved as monuments. Yulin city in 2007 to become a key cultural relics protection units, is currently the provincial key cultural relics protection units. Response: remove the wood is 1989 afternoon of September 26th, for questioning, deputy director of the Hengshan County SMG Bureau Yang Zizhu introduced in early 2014, the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau has approved the reinforcement scheme in Hengshan Longshan Fayun Temple rescue five". 2015, the project received 1 million yuan provincial heritage conservation funds. In 2016, the implementation of the tender open tender, in the end, Yulin Xuan Yi ancient construction engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xuan Yi company) won the bid, it is understood that the company has a heritage conservation project two)相关的主题文章: