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"Net red" Nanchang ship arrived home Nanchang! Big data tell you what it has gone through – Jiangxi Channel – the original title of the people’s network: "net red" Nanchang ship arrived home Nanchang! Big data tell you what it has gone through. What happened to Nanchang? The ship came home and firecrackers on the scene. In recent days, heroes and city people are all concerned about the way home of "net red" Nanchang ship. About 12:20 on October 10th, after a month, passing through 6 provinces, nearly 2000 kilometers across the Nanchang ship officially arrived in Nanchang, docked in Nanchang Phoenix Island public park in Ganjiang River waters. At this point, Nanchang citizens can see this "net red" style at the door of his home. Reporters learned that the Nanchang ship striking one snag after another way home. Along the way, the Nanchang ship encountered 3 typhoons, anchored, refurbished, anchored, after a few hardships, and finally entered Jiangxi, reaching the territory of Nanchang. However, despite this, Nanchang ship or because the Ganjiang River narrow channel, blocking the stranded vessel navigation channel and other reasons, once again anchored, and ultimately failed to meet the original plan, on the 8 day and the "family". Around 8 noon, around 12:30, the Nanchang ship entered Nanchang, and it came home. However, there was a situation: in the new estuary waters, a 2000 ton cargo ship was stranded on the left side of Nanchang ship, which blocked the normal passage. After that, the fleet tried to bypass the stranded ship, but as two ships were too large, they could not get around many times. As a last resort, the captain again ordered the site to break down. Until 15 in October 9th, the stranded cargo ship was handled well. The commander of the captain of the Nanchang ship was ready to sail and passed the stranded boat at 15:22. Subsequently, the Nanchang ship was docked at 19:15 on the same day. At about 12 hours in October 10th, after a few hours of voyage, the Nanchang ship went to the city smoothly. Gong drum up play for users are more concerned about the Nanchang ship permanently moored in the problem where Chinese, Jiangxi network reporter learned that the tail water of Ganjiang River Bridge Phoenix Island public park in the original plan is to choose one of Nanchang after the ship arrived in Nanchang will be sound and light, multimedia and other aspects of the decoration. As for permanent anchorage, it is still in the middle of the consultative plan. The big data provided by the big data research center shows that: on the 10 day, there are more than 350 news about the "Nanchang ship" and more than 2800 micro-blog, which shows that the "Nanchang ship" has become net red. [1] [2] [3] the next. (Mao Siyuan, commissioning editor Qiu Ye) original title: "Red Net" ship arrived in Nanchang hometown of Nanchang! Big data tell you it has experienced what Nanchang ship home: September 8th, Nanchang ship officially left Dalian Port Arthur, Liaoning, Shandong, has been in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi 6 provinces and cities, the route via Bohai, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea, the Yangtze River and Ganjiang sea waters, the range of about 900 km an inland voyage, about 990 kilometers (including the Yangtze River Estuary to Nanjing about 410 kilometers from Nanjing to Jiangxi Hukou in the range of about 430 km, from Hukou to Nanchang Ganjiang bridge range of about 150 kilometers), the total range of about 1890 km. 1, the morning of September 8th 10, Nanchang ship completed the handover ceremony in September 8th 10 o’clock in the morning, a naval base in the north, at the Nanchang navy ship and retired flag handover ceremony. It marks a formal voyage to the return of the Nanchang ship. 2, the morning of September 11th 9, Nanchang ship officially set sail for home 9 September 11th morning, Nanchang ship completed a short break, officially leave home, Shandong, Shanghai, through Liaoning, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi 6 provinces and cities, to route via the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea, the Yangtze River and Ganjiang River waters return to the heroic city of Nanchang, spanning 2000 kilometers the journey home officially opened. 3, September 12th, docked in Shandong Weihai sea typhoon in September 12th, Nanchang ship sailed in a day later, due to the impact of 14 typhoon "Meranti", Nanchang ship docked in Shandong Weihai Shidao anchor outside the harbor sheltered. In 4 and September 15th, the Mid Autumn Festival on September 15th, the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar coincided with the Mid Autumn Festival. The Nanchang ship stopped at Shandong Weihai Shidao port. The boat crew had a meaningful Mid Autumn Festival at sea. 5, September 16th, from the Weihai sea to dock in Shidao Xingang from the morning of September 16th, affected by the typhoon sixteenth malakas, originally docked in the sea of the Nanchang ship, ship to safety and personnel safety, decided to Shidao Xingang port dock shelter. In 6 and September 20th, we left Xingang, Shidao, and set sail for home again. At ten o’clock in September 20th, after several days of typhoon in Weihai, the Nanchang ship set sail again, and set foot on the way back to the hero city. 7, September 24th, arrived in Jiangsu Taicang port, for dragging the success of the September 24th Nanchang ship after a few days of sailing arrived in Jiangsu after Taicang, because the sea lanes can be relatively broad front towing, but into the Yangtze River, the river channel is narrow, at the same time, in order to strengthen the safe operation of the ship body, must use to support the way. As a result, it was successful in Taicang. (Mao Siyuan, commissioning editor Qiu Ye) original title: "red" ship arrived in Nanchang hometown of Nanchang! The big data tells you what it has gone through in 8 and September 25th, to Zhenjiang in Jiangsu, to the dock in September 25th and to Zhenjiang in Jiangsu. The Nanchang ship entered the five peak mountain repair plant in Zhenjiang for 10 days, including rust protection, anti-corrosion, sandblasting, cutting sonar cabin and propeller. In 9 and October 5th, the Nanchang ship completed the renovation work in Zhenjiang, and set out for home again. In October 5th, the Nanchang ship officially completed the 10 day renovation work at the five peak mountain shipyard in Zhenjiang, and officially left the dock at 3 p.m. on the 5 th, and continued to embark on the journey home. In 10 and October 6th, the Nanchang ships passed the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Anhui, Wuhu and Yangtze River bridge at 6:45 in the morning in October 6th, and the Nanchang ships passed the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, 13:30 p.m. that day, and Nanchang ships crossed Anhui, Wuhu and Yangtze River bridge. 11, October 7th, Nanchang ship arrived at the border of Jiangxi, Pengze County, Hukou County, Jiujiang route, Xingzi County in October 7th 7 in the morning, Nanchang ship arrived in Jiujiang County of Pengze, which means that it after sailing finally arrived at the Jiangxi border, at noon arrived in Jiujiang County of Hukou. It arrives in Xingzi County in the afternoon. 12, October 8th, Nanchang ship to Nanchang, Jiujiang Yongxiu County in October 8th, 10 a.m., Nanchang ship to Jiujiang Yongxiu county. At about 12:30 on October 8th, the Nanchang ship was shelved by a 2000 ton cargo ship in the estuarine waters of the newly built area, blocking the normal passage. As a last resort, the captain again ordered the site to break down. 13, in October 9th, at 15 p.m., the commander of the captain was ready to sail, and the stranded ship was passed at 15:22. At 19:15 on October 9th, the Nanchang ship docked at the integrated wharf. In 14, about 12:20 in October 10th, after a few hours of voyage, the Nanchang ship went to the city smoothly. (Li Yunhui Ouyang Xing) (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye)

“网红”南昌舰抵达家乡南昌!大数据告诉你它都经历了些什么–江西频道–人民网 原标题:“网红”南昌舰抵达家乡南昌!大数据告诉你它都经历了些什么   南昌舰回家啦   现场燃起了爆竹   连日来,英雄城市民都在热切关注“网红”南昌舰的回家之路。10月10日12时20分左右,历经一个月,途经6个省市,跨越近2000公里的南昌舰正式抵达南昌,停泊于南昌市凤凰洲市民公园赣江水域。至此,南昌市民可以在家门口一睹这位“网红”的风采。   记者了解到,南昌舰回家的路一波三折。一路上,南昌舰遭遇3次台风侵袭,抛锚、整修、抛锚,几经艰辛,最终进入江西,到达了南昌境内。然而,尽管如此,南昌舰还是因为赣江航道狭窄,搁浅船只堵塞航行通道等原因,再次抛锚停靠,最终未能与原定计划一样,在8日与“亲人”见面。   8日中午12时30分左右,南昌舰进入南昌境内,眼看就到家了,却出了状况:在新建区河口水域一艘2000吨级的货船搁浅在南昌舰左前方,堵住了正常的通行航道。之后,船队试图绕过搁浅船进行通行,但由于两艘船都过于庞大,试了多次仍无法绕过。迫不得已,船长再次下令就地抛锚停留。   直至10月9日15点,搁浅的货船才被处理好,南昌舰总船长指挥准备启航,并于15时22分顺利通过搁浅船。随后,南昌舰于当日晚19时15分停靠龙头岗综合码头。10月10日12时左右,经过几个小时的航行,南昌舰顺利抵达市区。   敲锣打鼓乐起来   对于网友比较关心南昌舰永久停泊在哪里的问题,中国江西网记者了解到,原计划的赣江大桥凤凰洲市民公园尾部水域只是选择点之一,南昌舰到达南昌之后将进行声光电、多媒体等方面的装修。至于永久停泊地,目前还在协商规划当中。   大数据研究中心提供的大数据显示:10日统计到的有关“南昌舰”的新闻多达350余条,微博2800余条,可见“南昌舰”俨然成了网红。   [1] [2] [3] 下一页 尾页 (责编:毛思远、邱烨) 原标题:“网红”南昌舰抵达家乡南昌!大数据告诉你它都经历了些什么   南昌舰回家之路:   9月8日,南昌舰正式驶离大连旅顺港,先后经辽宁、山东、上海、江苏、安徽、江西6个省市,航线途经渤海、黄海、东海、长江、赣江等水域,其中海上航程约900公里,内河航程约990公里(其中长江口到南京约410公里,从南京到江西湖口航程约430公里,从湖口到南昌赣江大桥航程约150公里),总航程约1890公里。   1、9月8日上午10点,南昌舰完成交接仪式   9月8日上午10点,在北方某军港,举行海军南昌舰退役降旗暨交接仪式。这标志着南昌舰回归之旅正式起航。   2、9月11日上午9点,南昌舰正式起航回家   9月11日上午9点,南昌舰完成短暂修整,正式启程回家,途径辽宁、山东、上海、江苏、安徽、江西6个省市,航线需要途经黄海、东海、长江、赣江等水域回归英雄城南昌,跨越2000公里的回家之旅正式开启。   3、9月12日,停靠山东威海海域避台风   9月12日,南昌舰在航行一天后,由于受到14号台风“莫兰蒂”的影响,南昌舰停靠在山东威海石岛港外抛锚避风。   4、9月15日,海上的中秋节   9月15日,农历八月十五,正值中秋佳节,南昌舰停靠在山东威海石岛港,舰上人员在海上过了一个独具意义的中秋节。   5、9月16日,从威海海面上停靠进石岛新港避风   9月16日上午,由于受到第16号台风马勒卡的影响,原本停靠在海面的南昌舰,为了船体安全及人员的安全,决定停靠至石岛新港码头避风。   6、9月20日,离开石岛新港,再次起航回家   9月20日上午十点,在威海躲避了数天台风后,南昌舰再次起航,踏上回归英雄城的路程。   7、9月24日,到达江苏太仓港,换拖成功   9月24日,南昌舰在经过几天的航行后到达江苏太仓,由于海上航道比较宽阔可以再前面吊拖,但是进入长江后,江道的航道比较窄,同时为了加强舰体的安全操作性,必须改用绑托的方式进行。因此,在太仓进行换拖成功。 (责编:毛思远、邱烨) 原标题:“网红”南昌舰抵达家乡南昌!大数据告诉你它都经历了些什么   8、9月25日,到达江苏镇江,上坞维修   9月25日,到达江苏镇江。南昌舰进入镇江五峰山修船厂进行为期10天的整修工作,包括船底防锈、防腐、喷砂、切割声呐舱和螺旋桨等工作。   9、10月5日,南昌舰在镇江完成整修工作,再次启程回家   10月5日,南昌舰在镇江五峰山修船厂完成了为期10天的整修工作后,于5日下午3点正式离开船坞,继续踏上回家的旅程。   10、10月6日,南昌舰陆续通过南京长江大桥、安徽芜湖长江大桥   10月6日早上6点45分左右,南昌舰通过南京长江大桥,当天下午13点30分,南昌舰通过安徽芜湖长江大桥。   11、10月7日,南昌舰到达江西地界,途径九江市彭泽县、湖口县、星子县   10月7日上午7点,南昌舰到达九江市彭泽县,这也就是意味着它经过航行终于到达了江西的地界内,当天中午到达九江湖口县。下午到达星子县。   12、10月8日,南昌舰到达南昌,途径九江市永修县   10月8日上午10点,南昌舰到达九江市永修县。 10月8日中午12时30分左右,南昌舰被新建区河口水域一艘2000吨级的货船搁浅挡住前方,堵住了正常的通行航道。迫不得已,船长再次下令就地抛锚停留。   13、10月9日下午15点,总船长指挥准备启航,15时22分顺利通过搁浅船。 10月9日19时15分,南昌舰停靠龙头岗综合码头。   14、10月10日12时20分左右,经过几个小时的航行,南昌舰顺利抵达市区。(李运辉 欧阳兴) (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章: