Not in the service area IPhone 7 again crazy

Not in the service area? IPhone 7 was crazy Tucao as long as the electronic equipment, there is always this or that hardware or software problems, Apple’s new flagship intelligent mobile phone iPhone 7 is no exception. Recently, the domestic social networking platform appeared on a number of Tucao iPhone 7 is not in the service area of the post. It is understood that the new iPhone 7 users said that sometimes the signal display is good, others call their phone number when they heard "the voice is not in service" tips. In this regard, some users are linked to the domestic Apple customer service, and the other response is: if you don’t get the phone, through the computer on the iTunes iPhone 7 recovery for new equipment use. It is understood that the user also reflects iPhone 7 generally have a noise problem, but the degree is not serious, does not affect the normal use. Apple has responded, the next Apple will fix this problem in the system update. And last year’s iPhone 6S last year and this year iPhone 6, iPhone 7 also has some small problems, but today we talked about this "outside the service area, and the new mobile phone users complain when talking voice is too small, the screen color is too yellow. The industry believes that the emergence of these problems basically are the first factory machine, then Apple will further strengthen the quality control, the problem will be solved. (Wei Feng Network)

不在服务区?iPhone 7再遭疯狂吐槽  只要是电子设备,总会出现这样或那样的硬件或软件问题,苹果最新旗舰智能手机iPhone 7也不例外。近日国内社交平台上出现一批吐槽iPhone 7不在服务区的帖子。  据了解,这些新买iPhone 7的用户表示,有时候在信号显示良好的情况下,别人拨打自己电话号码时却听到的是“不在服务区”的语音提示。  对此,有一些用户联系到了国内的苹果客服,而对方的回应是:如果接不到电话,可以通过电脑上的iTunes将iPhone 7恢复为新设备再使用。  据了解,用户还反映iPhone 7普遍有杂音的问题,不过程度并不算严重,不影响正常使用。  苹果客服对此的回应则是,下一次苹果在进行系统更新时将会修复这一问题。  和去年的iPhone 6s和前年的iPhone 6一样,今年iPhone 7也有一些小问题出现,除了我们今天讲到的这个“不在服务区”问题之外,还有用户抱怨新手机在通话时声音过小,屏幕颜色太黄等。  业内认为,目前出现这些问题的基本上都是首批出厂的机子,随后苹果会进一步加强品控,问题将都会得到解决。(威锋网)相关的主题文章: