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Open up the budget and reimbursement, Yi cloud to do the most to large enterprises save money service providers – Sohu is the science and technology enterprise budget cost control, but the actual implementation, due to the performance requirements and evaluation indicators of change, because the truth is difficult to audit reimbursement, at the beginning of the regular budget overruns, and financial officers need to constantly adjust budget table. But in the traditional financial management software, the budget framework is set, to adjust the complex formula to edit. And the budget preparation, implementation of the investigation table is independent of each other, in the actual operation, it is difficult for enterprises to adjust the cost budget. In view of this situation, Yi cloud launched a set of budget reimbursement management software, financial personnel only a simple check will be able to adjust the budget table. Specifically, the first enterprise with budget related elements, such as the Department of project members made a basic file, then the system will automatically generate the budget table, table of adjustment and analysis table, when business restructuring, financial personnel only check the corresponding elements, the corresponding table will change. Yi cloud founder Huang Yonghang said, by simplifying the operation, to help companies develop more fit the business budget table, the boss can make more suitable than through the budget, the financial situation in the examination and approval reimbursement of decision-making, so as to achieve the purpose of cost control. And the whole process, the reimbursement is the key to control. However, in order to make an expense from the perspective of cost control, there are two major difficulties to consider: first, the software can not access the financial system of different enterprises, the data can not be used. In reimbursement software, users simply take pictures can apply for reimbursement, but this convenience to some extent at the expense of the integrity of the information, so even if the API interface is different, but the financial audit of these data may not be available. Second, how to determine whether the reasons for reimbursement is true. Huang Yonghang said this, Yi cloud can be T6, U8, T+ docking UF and other products, at the same time, financial personnel can customize different reimbursement standards, on the one hand to improve the data availability, on the other hand, by increasing the amount of information, such as the starting point and end point taxi invoice fill in the beginning and end of time, managers can better judge the authenticity of the reimbursement. But this way, when the workload of staff reimbursement form also improved. He said that Yi cloud is mainly to help enterprises save money, improve the financial personnel’s working efficiency. In the traditional financial software, financial workers spend most of their time in check the documents with real software for less than 20% of the financial processing, and the cloud Yizhong the proportion reached 80%. In addition, Yi cloud can automatically generate two-dimensional code with the credentials, staff posted a ticket, financial workers after scanning the system will automatically record. It is reported that Yi cloud customers have more than and 100, including the people’s livelihood trust, Fuji intermediation, baoruitong, Rongde Asset Management Co. The team of 10 people, mostly from UF, technology-based, no sales staff, mainly through the way into the UF channel resources to sell products. Yi cloud was founded in 2011, mainly in the traditional PC client software package, to provide free trial period of three months; the mobile terminal support approval documents, view the basic functions of reimbursement and approval etc.. Huang Yonghang table.相关的主题文章: