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Home-and-Family Self storage is becoming an increasingly popular concept, as people have understood the importance of storing their items in a safe place. People make full use of self storage resources like climate controlled self storage to protect their belongings. Climate controlled self storage has brought about revolutionary changes in the way we store our belongings. People no longer want to store their goods in poorly built self storage units, because there is a high probability of items getting damaged due to changes in weather conditions. Today, people prefer climate controlled storage over traditional self storage units as these are ideal facilities to store items that are likely to get damaged due to changes in weather conditions. Here is a list of a few products that should be ideally stored in a climate controlled self storage unit. Storing of Furniture It is important that you store furniture in this type of storage unit. Wooden furniture has a tendency to crack when exposed to the extreme cold. Humidity is also known to damage wooden furniture, as it can cause the build-up of mould and mildew. Iron furniture, when exposed to humidity, rusts easily, therefore storing them in climate controlled self storage units can increase their life. Storing of Mattresses Some people are under the impression that mattresses can withstand all weather conditions and hence can be stored in regular self storage unit. However, this is far from truth as heat, humidity and cold can damage the mattress. When a mattress is exposed to high level of humidity, it becomes soggy. So if you don’t want your mattress to be damaged because of changes in weather conditions, store it in climate controlled self storage units. Storing of Clothes Expensive clothing like linen, velvet and wool should be ideally stored in these units too. When clothes are exposed to humid conditions they are more likely to be attacked by insects. Insects are known to cause damage to most types of clothes so it is in your interest to store them in climate controlled facilities. Also, if you expose the clothes to extreme heat they could cause discoloration. Storing of Musical Instruments It is important that you store musical instruments in climate controlled facilities. Most musical instruments are made of wood, which is prone to damage when exposed to extreme heat or cold. If you have a collection of CDs from your favourite artist, I suggest you store them here to prevent them from getting damaged. Storing of Documents Documents of value are best stored in climate controlled self storage facilities. When documents are exposed to humid conditions, they are more likely to be attacked by insects. Similarly, continuous exposure of documents to heat can cause irreparable damage to the documents. Climate controlled self storage facilities are expensive when compared to normal self storage facilities. However, if you look at the benefits associated with these facilities you will realise that it is worth paying extra for these facilities. They ensure the temperature during winters do not fall below freezing point. During the summer season, these facilities maintain their temperature so it does not get overheated. So don’t hesitate to pay a little extra for your peace of mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: