Pakistan Cricket Board Disqualify Mr. Faruqi On Fair

Sports-and-Recreation Pakistan cricket board is taking positive steps towards the progress of Pakistan cricket. PCB is taking the black sheeps out of the circle. In this regard Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has banned Ejaz Ahmed Faruqi, honorary secretary Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA) for violating Conduct of Holders of Office regulations 2004.67 According to a PCB press release issued on Friday, Faruqi issued press report, condemning PCB and its operation, on various instances, inspite that PCB is restructuring all its reforms for the betterment of the Pakistan cricket. For this he was question Show Cause Notices. He never replied any of those as it was to manipulate PCB fans. The issue was then taken up with President KCCA who was appealed to instigate a punitive action against Mr. Faruqi for breach of the Rules and exploiting PCB image towards all the communities. The KCCA president forwarded the appeal to him for his explanation who denied the charges. The PCB for the complete investigation selected General Manager Domestic Cricket Shafiq Ahmed the Inquiry Officer on fair grounds. Faruqi was called by him for private inquiry on 15-06-2011 and given a fair hearing and full opportunity to defend himself as PCB works on fair and just terms to resolve the matter and maintain peace and harmony. After viewing all details, position and the arguments of Mr. Faruqi the Inquiry Officer, under Rule 9 of PCB, Conduct of Holder of Office Rules 2004, suggested to disqualify Mr. Faruqi to be a member of the Association (KCCA). Chairman PCB Ijaz Butt approved the judgment and subsequently a letter has been written to the President KCCA in this regard on Friday. The decision is as under "Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Faruqi, Honorary Secretary KCCA is immediately disqualified to be a member of the Association; consequently ceases to be Honorary Secretary of the Association with immediate effect. Accordingly, if any benefits are being availed by him in his capacity as Secretary, the same to be recovered from him. Faruqi has the right to plea to the Governing Board under paragraph 35 of the PCB constitution within 30 days of this order as PCB deals on the fair grounds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: