Postpartum constipation how to do – Sohu maternal and child

After postpartum constipation how to do – Sohu mother gave birth to the baby, many mothers will appear constipation, this feeling is really let people complain incessantly, why give birth to the child will appear constipation? We first analyze the causes, again how to relieve constipation. After delivery, the anal vein pressure suddenly decreased, and abdominal muscle, levator ani muscle and intestinal smooth muscle contractility, causing fecal long accumulation in the intestines, causing constipation. On the other hand, postpartum specific estrogen secretion, activation of the lactation breast, the physiological transformation process, the transfer of body nutrients and moisture to synthesize milk, which lead to intestinal water loss, dry stool, defecation difficulties. In addition to the changes in the body, confinement habits can easily cause constipation. Because of the time in bed longer postpartum, less activity, gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, and the intake of fine slag free high fat, high protein foods, the food nutrition was repeatedly gastrointestinal absorption, which consumes large amounts of water caused by intestinal constipation. Next, say postpartum mothers how to ease the suffering of constipation, in fact, may wish to start from the dietary habits change. The following four eating habits are very important. Drink plenty of water. Fasting in the morning to drink some honey water, can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, help defecation. Then half an hour to eat breakfast, after each meal to drink a bag of yogurt. Eat root vegetables. Appropriate to increase food containing cellulose rich and easy to digest food, such as apples, bananas, cabbage, pumpkin, lotus root, potato, taro, sweet potato, potato, radish, sweet potatoes and other vegetables and fruits to produce gas, can help digestion and increase intestinal peristalsis. However, the gas production of fruits and vegetables may lead to the baby abdominal flatulence, so mother food should pay attention to. Eat dry plums or figs. Prune juice is a kind of rapid removal of constipation of pure natural fruit juice, generally one or two hours you can see the effect. If you drink about 150 grams per day, you can improve the intestinal tract. Not over eating forbidden. Postpartum mothers do not drink, tea, coffee, don’t eat spicy food. Don’t eat food containing more protein and calcium, such as fish, salted egg, egg, bean products, kelp, seaweed and other food, Jichi polysaccharide etc.. Pine nuts porridge ingredients: pine nuts 30 grams, 50 grams of rice, honey. Practice: 1, pine nuts mash. 2, pine nuts and mud glutinous rice water, cook into a gruel. At the end of 3, honey, slightly boiled. Nutrition tips: pine nuts porridge can Yangxuerunchang, suitable for postpartum constipation. Ingredients: Shouwu porridge Shouwu 30 grams, 60 grams of rice. Practice: 1, will be the first wash, cut into pieces, rice washing clean. 2, Shouwu and rice into the pot, add water 400 ml, on the stove cooking rice, soup can be thick to flowering. Nutrition tips: Shouwu Runchang, Sheng Jin nourishing porridge smooth, suitable for Tianjin deficiency, maternal postpartum constipation. Sweet potato porridge ingredients: sweet potato 500.相关的主题文章: