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The president called his graduation certificate graduates cheated 3000 yuan – Sohu news network Fuzhou, September (Xinhua) Guo Jinbin (Zhang Ning) in the opening season in September, the campus of a busy scene of the 12. But at this time, some criminals will "hand toward the graduating students" pocketbook ", under the guise of bid for student loans, posing as school leaders, part-time network etc. the implementation of fraud. Recently, Fuzhou Cangshan internship small Yan (a pseudonym) is accidentally fell into the trap "". 12 days, reporters from the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Cangshan branch was informed that the 18 year old small Yan Jiangxi is a secondary school student, according to the arrangement of the school came to the city of Fuzhou train station to carry out graduation practice. In September 6th, the small Yan received a strange phone call. "You are the small Yan? Now the school has a new arrangement……" The other surnamed Chen, is the small Yan secondary school principals. As the school does have one President Chen, and the other can accurately tell their names and attending professional information, small Yan believe each other. "President Chen told the small Yan, the school in order to take care of the student, only need to pay 3000 yuan tuition, the school will send students graduation certificate. Then, in accordance with the "President Chen Xiaoyan" requirement to the bank ATM machine operation remittance. But 5 days later, the small Yan did not receive their diploma. Then, the small Yan immediately called to the school’s academic advisory, knew that he cheated, and hurried to the gate of Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau police station. According to the city police station Liu Rong introduction, in real life, people often in social networking, logistics, accommodation and other travel time, inadvertently reveals his own name, ID number, home address and other personal information. While many criminals through illegal purchase use this information to disguise the identity of the implementation of fraud, it is impossible to guard against. Police tip: the public should be vigilant to prevent the disclosure of personal information. Don’t fill in personal details on the site; the delivery of documents, tickets do not arbitrarily discarded; the safekeeping of ID card, credit card and residence booklet and other important documents. In addition, keep in mind the three do not: do not believe, do not disclose, do not transfer remittances, once cheated to report promptly.相关的主题文章: