Reasons Why Breastfeeding Babies Are More Intelligent-kaya scodelario

Womens-Issues Of all the things a mother can give to her child, breastfeeding is probably the most beneficial, personal and intimate. Breastfeeding allows for the transfer of precious health benefits from the mother to her child. These benefits are contained in the breast milk. Wondering what benefits these are? The list is endless, Breast milk contains nutrients that cannot be found in any other kind of food and which are vital for the babys development. Apart from exclusive nutrients, breast milk provides the baby with antibodies and these are necessary for keeping away infections during the most vulnerable first stages of life as well as later on in life. Aside from the nutritive value of breast milk, there are also other benefits offered by breast milk. Bonding is one of these benefits. On average, a breastfeeding woman spends at least four hours daily feeding her child. This time is not only met to satiate the baby but also to give mother and child time to learn each other and create a special bond. It is precisely for this reason that alternatives such as formula are highly discouraged for children. Initially it was thought that the holding process during breastfeeding allowed more interaction and made the learning process speedy. This school of thought still holds some truth. A second reason why breast milk is thought to boost intelligence is because it contains an omega fat called docasahexaeonic acid. This fatty acid is not just important for promoting growth and body development, but it also maintains brain tissue. The longer the child is breastfed the higher the DHA levels and this promotes faster intellectual development. For a child to be intelligent, proper brain development is required and breast milk contains just the ingredient needed for this. Cholesterol may be unhealthy for adults but it is absolutely vital for infants. Nerve tissue grows as a result of cholesterol action. Sugars such as galactose are also very important in the development of the brain. While all these benefits exist naturally in the mothers milk, it is important that every breast feeding session is .fortable and snugly both for the mother and the child. The Vicky pillow is the invention that makes this possible. With an easy to use and carry around three piece structure, the Vicky pillow is the solution for every mum all over the world. It consists of the back piece that serves an orthopedic function. It helps keep the mothers back propped up in just the right position when she is feeding the baby. The second piece acts as an arm and shoulder rest. This helps you to position yourself correctly so that your torso does not hover on top of the baby. The third piece is of course for the little bundle of joy. The baby lies on it in order to be able to feed in the most .fortable position. This pillow benefits not just the mother but the child too. It improves the whole breast feeding experience and can be used on the bed, seat or couch without extra props. A great breastfeeding experience means a bright future for your intelligent breastfeeding baby. 相关的主题文章: