Recognize The Various Treatment Methods For Substance

Self-Improvement Drug treatment programs cater the needs of various addicts with various addiction problems. Severe addictions require long-term therapy in an inpatient setting while some abusers find the 12-step program and counselling enough. Treatment options may include residential treatment programs, out-patient treatment programs, psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. Consulting a psychotherapist or doctor is a must for people who want to defeat drug abuse. In-Patient Therapy The National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that patients admitted in residential drug treatment centers have higher percentage of recovery. Treatment stay in the therapeutic community can range from one month to one year depending upon the case of the patient. These communities aim to remove the drug addiction to the patient’s mindset and replacing it with a drug free lifestyle. This kind of treatment option offers great help for those who suffer addiction for a very long time. Reintegration to society is the main goal of this treatment. 12-Step Programs It is a great help for abusers if they join self-help groups such as Narcotic Anonymous in maintaining recovery. Most patients need more support and are advised to attend drug rehabilitation treatment. This self-help group is found useful after treatment. The key to success of joining Narcotic Anonymous is the co-operation of members to impact on each other’s lives. They progress in their recovery by regularly attending the meetings and through the aid of a peer sponsor. The patients are encouraged to follow individual spiritual principles to guide their own lives. According to studies, members of Narcotic Anonymous achieve complete recovery in a span of 9 years. Counselling and Psychotherapy The goal of these therapies is to let patients understand their drug addiction, the disadvantages and the reason why they use the medications. It also helps abusers gain coping skills to live a sober life. Psychotherapy changes the thinking and behavior of the patients which plays an important role in helping clients live drug- free lives. Counseling also deals with past pain and trauma that may be the cause of the addiction. This treatment focuses on the psychological cause and treatment of addiction but patients need more than counseling and psychotherapy to get the drugs out of the system of the addicts. Pharmacotherapy Prescribed medications are used to ease the withdrawal symptoms often experienced by patients who are on detoxification. Detoxification is the process of taking the addictive chemical substances away from the body of the patient. In addition to the drugs used for narcotics addiction, the National Institute on Drug Abuse researchers are finding the right medications for the detoxification of stimulants. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: