Renovation Diary – new knowledge to teach you more than a few new recruit hydropower acceptance luonv

Diary – decoration acceptance of new homes to know how to teach you the recipe for hydropower acceptance?? if you want to see the real experience of decoration, decoration vomiting summary, please pay attention to the decoration diary column. Here is a true record of the owners decoration, the decoration process drops sour, sweet, bitter, hot decoration skills. Acceptance criteria: the acceptance of the upper and lower water pipes, the prerequisites:? The quality of water supply and drainage pipes and fittings must be approved by the state. It must have the following information: manufacturer name, brand, product, certificate, warranty etc.. Inspection requirements:???? water acceptance to be used with water test, tests were carried out in accordance with the provisions of the pressure, water leakage can be determined to be qualified. The general capacity of the domestic water pipe is 2KG if the pressure is not enough to be able to segment the pump who found out. In the corner, water meter, faucet, valve and other places some levels should set pipe connected with the wall body. ?? In the pipeline when the installation should pay attention to the use of special tools for installation, processing nozzle at the time of installation must be reamer cut a groove in aluminum pipe joints, prevent internal copper was destroyed. Double guard ring not leak. A variety of valve installation should comply with the design requirements. Methods: acceptance???? according to the drawings by visual observation method to determine on who to correct, two inspection system heating pipe installed correctly. ?? Test and power supply, gas pipe pipe laying position spacing is larger than 50mm, the available test tape. Aluminum-plastic composite pipe into the wall concealed not taut straight, slightly open, so as to avoid the hot water through the pipe expansion deformation will joint up crack and leakage. ?? Two, electrical appliances and acceptance standard acceptance?? the premise condition of acceptance:?? wire line should use the PVC package to lay the first casing, or optical trunk sheath line can not be directly buried in the wall inside. ? each space should be equipped with a power box, the box should be set leakage protection device. Leakage current can be greater than 30MA. After the load voltage protection function. Insulated wire resistance wire should be greater than or equal to 0.22M ground protection and non metallic parts are not connected with the leakage and so on. ?? The quality of wire and various appliances must have the corresponding provisions of the national standard load, the manufacturer name, label and certificate of product quality guarantee and so on. Acceptance requirements:???? acceptance to hold circuit construction control 11. Circuit transformation must be concealed acceptance. Hidden line transformation must be careful, emissions to put a metal wire to cross chuck fixed, wire connection box to the corresponding fixed. The surface of the wire can not be scarred lighting lines and air conditioning lines can not be confused, the lighting line to use 2.52 plastic copper wire, air conditioning to use a plastic wire 42. ?? TV line, telephone line, video line surround sound to equal according to the laying of the corresponding requirements, equipment installation should fix, looks to be fair. Strong and weak wire shall not appear in the hanging equality, the lamp must have a junction box. Ground protection should be firm and reliable, and the resistance between conductors and conductors shall be greater than 0.5M. Switch, socket should have a cassette, cassette of the surface to be smooth, the appearance should be intact, insulation.相关的主题文章: