Rescue forces to the landslide area of Zhejiang, the rescue of the wounded were stable vital signs –ratatouille

The rescue force to the Zhejiang landslide disaster gathered rescued the wounded stable vital signs – Beijing Washington last night, Qianjiang Evening News reporter rushed out of Suichang channel. Along the way, the rain hit the window in It is raining cats and dogs., crackling. The high speed is not much, from time to time a vehicle roar with flashing lights of vehicles and the rescue team had quickly rushed to the direction of Lishui. At the same time, the reporter in the mobile phone coming from various rescue information, in addition to government organizations at all levels of the rescue forces, some folk has also stepped up rescue forces rushed to the disaster scene, the night rush to the rescue. Command lights people are placed around 12 points last night, the evening news reporter saw at a high speed, the local disaster relief channel has been opened. The intersection and traffic police in the rain command, inform the routes, convenient rescue forces rushed to the scene quickly gathered. At each intersection to the scene, the traffic police department also set up a bayonet, in addition to rescue vehicles, other vehicles are advised to leave. The reporter first arrived at Suichang county government headquarters building lights. A staff member said that the scene of the landslide area formed lake, the water level rose, has organized the masses near the evacuation, rescue and rescue group is the mobilization of related equipment for disposal. It is reported that the local government has formed 8 special working groups are doing their best to carry out rescue work. There are more than 400 city and county rescue workers are on the scene to carry out rescue work. In the north of the town of Suichang County disaster prevention center (town hall), the reporter saw a lot of affected people have been placed here. Hall is spacious and clean, ground laying nylon cloth, a bed quilt neatly stacked on the bunk. Suichang County Civil Affairs Bureau, said the staff, after the disaster, the local civil affairs departments immediately enable the northern boundary of the town to avoid disaster resettlement sites (town hall) to help the affected people safe transfer. Up to now, has focused on the resettlement of 118 people affected, emergency transfer of population of 143 people, to ensure that the affected people have food to eat, drink water, have a place to live. Rescued the wounded in hospital to rescue stable vital signs of landslides after the disaster, the Lishui People’s Hospital immediately launched the emergency plan for major emergencies, has at 18:50 yesterday sent two ambulances and 19 points, by the vice president and director of the center for treatment of critical illness, it led to the scene. At 20:50, after which an ambulance will Su Village 78 year old and 81 year old two people transferred to Suichang People’s Hospital, an ambulance rushed to the scene, and immediately turn around. Another ambulance to pick up pregnant women a lower limb fractures, 6 months pregnant with the vehicle from the scene, the Doctor Wang Jiansheng as she performed outside the emergency disposal of fixed security, transferred to Suichang People’s Hospital, once again rushed to the scene. 22:22, a 92 year old man was rescued and rushed to hospital. In the second hospital of Zhejiang medical emergency rescue expert Wang Shenhua faction and nursing experts under the guidance of Mao Yaqin, quickly organized medical nursing staff of Suichang People’s Hospital sent the wounded orderly rescue. The second hospital of Zhejiang President Wang Jianan and Secretary Chen Zhengying, is also the first time to call.相关的主题文章: