Russian aircraft carrier battle curtain dispatched 10 Su -33 wash – Sohu Military Channel crash haze-66814

Russian aircraft carrier battle curtain dispatched 10 Su -33 wash – Sohu Military Channel crash haze global network reported on November 17th: Although the military has suffered "black smoke ridicule" and the MIG -29K aircraft crashed into the sea and other adverse events, but the Russian Navy’s only aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov" No. 15, with outstanding performance in actual combat had washed away the haze. The same day, Su -33 aircraft took off from the aircraft carrier of the extremist organization of Syria province of Idlib and Holmes Islamic country "and" the nusra front "goal of implementing large-scale combat. Russia is proud to claim that this is the first time the Russian aircraft carrier to participate in combat. Warplanes and land base is Russia’s "view report" 16 reported that the Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said the report to President Putin in the Russian high-level military meeting, the Russian Su -33 aircraft from the 15 day on the "Kuznetsov" off, carried out operations against terrorist targets in Syria. He said: "before the air strikes, we had a very serious and detailed reconnaissance of all the targets. The main target is the repository for terrorists to store weapons, the gathering ground and training centers, in addition to the production of different types of weapons of mass destruction plant." Russian Defense Ministry announced on the YouTube website at the same time, the aircraft carrier to participate in air strikes in the video, the video shows Su -33 carrier aircraft carrying ammunition off the aircraft carrier deck, as well as the landing plane after the air strikes. According to Russia’s "Star" television reported that 16 reported on the site of the television reporter Constantine on an aircraft carrier? Said the aircraft 15 isayev, extremist organizations, military facilities implement large-scale combat. The disposable dispatched as many as 10 Su -33 aircraft, each aircraft will mount a far short-range air-to-air missile, and is equipped with 4 types of aviation bomb. This shows that the Soviet -33 can completely attack ground targets". In Su -33, MIG -29K aircraft also launched a new service. The whole ship fleet strength and dispatched from Syria Hermetian fighter Mihm base. It is worth noting that some of the carrier aircraft after the return, re loading ammunition to carry out the attack mission. Excellent performance and cooperate with each other to attack the Russian battle "Kuznetsov" on the 15 day, that the Russian navy is exciting. After all, from last month, the Russian aircraft carrier rushed to the Mediterranean, the negative news about it constantly. The first is the "Kuznetsov" by the English Channel smoke billowing black smoke, was ridiculed as "Western boat" burning coal, and in November 13th a MIG -29K fighter plane crashed into the sea in the "crowd" Western aircraft nose, once again caused outside of the "Russian Navy miserable future". Russia’s "national armory" magazine editor Victor Hobbs? Mora said that the strike is the first test of Russian aircraft carrier combat capability and efficiency in actual combat, including the flight control system of aircraft carriers and security etc.. After a long period of preparation, the ability of aircraft carrier and carrier aircraft was finally verified in actual combat. Especially in the first actual combat, the Russian aircraft carrier will be able to frequently dispatched a large number of carrier based aircraft to participate in operations, showing the Russian aircraft carrier command, organization, deployment and maintenance.相关的主题文章: