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Security Part of operating a business that implements the internet to attract and keep customers is making sure that any data that is transferred over the internet is secure. If a large customer base is to be attained through your website, then security of their data and valued information is a primary concern. Not making this a primary concern will cause your customers to be at risk of identity theft, bank account theft, viruses and malware. It could also cause your business to be.e severely damaged or fail altogether. You keep their information safe, and then your business has an excellent change at doing very well and staying successful. The type of security that it needs is data encryption. Any e.merce website that wants to stay in business needs this. When a potential customer wants to use your website to purchase a product, they enter personal information such as their credit card number with expiration dates and three digit security code on the back. Included in the personal information transferred is a customer’s full name and physical address, phone number of home phones, cell phones and work phones. In some cases, a bank account number is included in the personal information, driver’s license, and social security card numbers. You can purchase a SSL web certificate from .panies that deal in SSL certs. You may even be able to get SSL certs at a retail price. A SSL web certificate with a 128 bit encryption is the cert that is purchased most of the time for business. When this certificate is bought and paid for by you, the business owner, then you will be given public keys and private keys. When a customer enters in their private information, they are using a public key. When you receive this private information, you will use a private key to decode the encrypted information sent via the internet. You will just have to shop and buy the right type of SSL certificate that meets your specific business needs. For more customers that will be loyal to your business, and feel .fortable in sending their private information, get SSL web certificates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: