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UnCategorized Stock market can be a good money maker if you know how to play the stock market correctly. A lot of people get into the stock market thinking they can make big money but then lose money by making some rash decisions. These decisions most often are based on gut feel and not on solid research. Stock market research is the key to making money in the stock market. There are two types of stock market research that can be done in the stock market. Each of the types of research can lead to good amount of money if proper investing discipline is followed. The two types of research that can be done is the fundamental research and the technical analysis research. Both of these styles are very different and require different kind of discipline and methodology while buying the stocks. In fundamental research you research a stock which has a long term potential and then keep on accumulating this stock for future gains. The time horizon for this type of investment strategy can be really long like say two years to four five years. This type of style requires the art of stock picking to be perfected in terms of their fundamental strengths. Also the attributes of this kind of a stock trader are that they are patient and have immense amount of perseverance. They know the art of stock picking and can wait for some time to pick a good stock. In the Technical research the main emphasis is on trending and the traders thrive on the volatility of the market. Based on the trending they buy and sell stocks. Stock quality is important but not to the extent as in fundamental research. Also the main aim here is to make money on a short term basis and do not hold the stock for long. They exploit the inefficiencies in the system as a tool for buying and then selling or offloading the stock once they reach a threshold profit percentage or the stock reaches a particular trend. These traders can also make money in a bearish market. So if you are investing in the market you will need to enough discipline to follow any approach. There is no middle path and the middle path will not make you enough of profits. So make sure that you follow one strategy and make money from it. Remember patience is a virtue in any business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: