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Shandong Luneng base assembly for Yossi ray Sax love from scratch – Sports Sohu Ji’nan Qilu network August 29th news (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Mou Xiaofeng) 29, Shandong Luneng team in the base assembly, began to prepare for the next league game and AFC Champions League. Sax solo video attracted fans hot foreign aid Usire posted on the social networking platform for discussion, it is reported that Usire love Sax for a long time, has specifically to ask the teacher to learn. 8 people participated in the training of the first team Luneng Guozihao reserve team training on the evening of 29, after a short vacation in the team Luneng players start training base, there are 8 players for participating in the Guozihao training without aggregation. In the evening of the training, Luneng reserves and the first team to carry on the training, because Pele, Gil was elected to the national team, it is only the three foreign aid training. At present, in addition to the team Luneng is returning to the injury of Zheng Zheng, no other injuries. International Hao Junmin, Zhao Mingjian has been with the national team to South Korea to prepare for the World Cup began in September 1st 12 opener, could not be selected the national team of Wang Dalei and Yang Xu in training today show the good state. Another four young, Chen Zhechao, Yao Junsheng, Chen Kerui, Li Hailong, U22 camp in the national team, in accordance with the Football Association arrangement, training time is August 23rd -9 4. Fans concerned about September 3rd and Kwangju FC warm-up match has been determined, but has not yet determined the final venue. Usire sun played video like Sax from scratch in practicing Usire played Sax Luneng aid Usire drying out in the personal social software is a video of Sax’s own solo video, Usire is the fan, he youmoyouyang blowing instrument turned artist. Can you hear the birthday song to play Usire for having heard it many times when the "song" from the video, he also comments @ former Luneng aid users in the comments ursol, area of praise. According to the reporter, as early as Usire joined Luneng at the beginning, Usire fell in love with Sax, also specially invited professional teachers to teach themselves, learning from zero beginning, only can play a few simple seconds, now complete blow a few pieces, it also shows Usire for the art of love, friends have the crowd sigh, "that’s the way you Usire". Usire in their leisure time, or introverted personality, is the basic in the residence of blow with his music, and several friends in Brazil. He is also very famous for Sax’s obsession, because as long as it’s all right, he took a blow to Sax, the level of the beginning of the general is really, but now very professional, and he likes to blow the wind, and so on."相关的主题文章: