Sino US film festival in the Mekong action won three

"The Mekong River action" US film festival won three awards "Mekong River action" producer Huang Jianxin, starring Zhang Hanyu, produced by Yu Dong (from left to right) "Mekong River action" in Losangeles Mekong River "creative action" starring Zhang Hanyu won the "Golden Angel Award" best actor angle Bona Film Group chairman Yu Dong in China the festival speech on Sina entertainment news Beijing time on November 3rd (U.S. time November 2nd) twelfth American Film Festival in Losangeles held a grand opening ceremony, the "Golden Angel Award" awards ceremony has been held. Bona film produced by police "group action" the Mekong giant won best film, best actor, best producer (Yu Dong) three awards! Previously, the film "the Mekong River action" has numerous, this time out of the country, winning the prize, once again proved that the industry is highly recognized for the quality of the film. "The Mekong River action" with numerous Chinese American Film Festival won three Golden Angel Award "Mekong River action" by virtue of its excellent quality and high reputation, since October 4th, 17 consecutive days won the single day box office champion, championship attendance and admissions champion, won the first prize in the National Archives of success! In addition, the Mekong River action viewing passengers also successfully exceeded 30 million, becoming the year’s viewing of the domestic film ranked third. At the same time, according to the statistical data of the platform, "the Mekong River action" after mapping the reputation index 9.3 points, the first column released this year in the film, indicating that the film from the box office, reputation, satisfaction, appreciation, communication, freshness and other data, "the Mekong River" have hit a peak value. Up to now, the Mekong action is the 2016 Chinese film market in the general audience and professional fields were the highest satisfaction movie. Yesterday, Losangeles in the United States at the American Film Festival, this is called "2016 film market cardiotonic" the strength of excellent re winning, won best film, best actor, best producer (Yu Dong) three awards. From now on, many industry insiders believe that the "Mekong River action" called the highest production standards Chinese gangster films in recent years, the themes, grand view, and excellent creative team with superb performances, let the film become fully deserve good quality work! Adhere to the appearance quality is king Bona will continue to build the Mekong boutique "action" for Chinese film market and lay a booster, and the birth of the film actually has its inherent. The film Chupin Bona Film Group has always insisted on quality of the concept of creation, in addition to the "Mekong River action", has produced many acclaimed film and television works. In 2014, with the main theme of the large red classic "tiger" was adapted to the new look 3D Boehner, commercial films on the big screen, won the bumper box office and word of mouth. The spirit of quality is king of the principle of Bona Film Group joint investment promotion of the new director Ang Lee "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" coming in November 11th, the global simultaneous release; by December 2nd, Bona film group main cast, director Shing Yee Tsui Hark, producer)相关的主题文章: