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UnCategorized Which is the best way to reach your target audience when advertising, when you take into account the latest technology, computers, email, mobile communications, phones, blackberries perhaps even technology which has been in place for many years for example the television? Television has had the power of advertising between your favourite programmes, especially prime advertising spots at premium viewing times for many years but new technology taking over such as sky plus are people taking notice of the adverts a much as they once did? The pros and cons of how to advertise, who to target, location specification etc have to considered by any marketing board when choosing a marketing strategy which best suits it company, cause or product, therefore do the powers of the media, with all its technology have the right mediums to reach the target and hit the bulls eye? Advertising costs money, a lot of money and as with all business budgets are set in order to control the marketing spend. This has a direct bearing on the requirements of any advertising campaign ensuring a marketing strategy is cost effective to its specific requirements whilst reaching the widest cross section of people that it can. Lets face it global companies such sports brands use the biggest types of media advertising to reach the widest audience globally whether that be direct or subliminal marketing, this is the way forward for these blue chip companies with a vast spend, however this is not so for smaller companies, local governments and councils, niche businesses or targeted locations, is where the power of paper exceeds other types of advertising to reach the masses it is published for. Leaflet Distribution allows smaller areas to be covered efficiently, often combined with existing distribution services for example distribution of a free evening paper, whereby leaflets can be integrated reaching the doorsteps and sometimes reducing the price, a key benefit to any small business. All advertising can be hit and miss, people will only be read or show an interest in marketing which appeals to them, door to door delivery increases the opportunities in local towns, especially for local business whereby word of mouth is simply not enough to promote services or products offered. It has proven essential for local governments especially during pre election canvassing, council and town information and events for the local area, leaflet and flyer distribution also works amazingly for takeaway restaurants where targeting the population in the immediate area is essential, how many of you have had a Chinese takeaway menu which you have popped in a drawer and at some stage gone back to and ordered a meal, this is the power of targeted leaflet distribution to increase business. So wait, re-wind, can we assume therefore that leaflet distribution only works for small business? Do big companies use this route of direct marketing anymore? Of course the royal mail use this system to inform us of new services available and update old service information, is it true that delivery of marketing leaflets and advertising material such as brochures, flyers and still reaches more people successfully by leaflet distribution on foot than most other advertising avenues? Or is it safe to say that companies however large or small base the choice of advertising medium based on products, services location and information which is specific to their target audience? Is this another example of the Hare and the Tortoise? Proving that fast and furious often is not the approach required in order to win the race? And whilst advertising is very much a big part of marketing using 21st century powers of technology might well leave your company back in the dark ages! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: