Stylish Garments – The Key To Success Or Simple

Have ever thought why some people are followed by success systematically and some need to over.e many difficulties? Does it really mean that their IQs are lower or they are less smart? Of course, no. There are some eternal rules concerning stylish garments, which are considered to be minor by the majority. In vain, I suppose sometimes you shouldn’t forget certain dress codes. The plain white shirt and a sober choice of ties (very often the variety of colors is proposed by the firm itself) have been the corporate uniform of men at work over the years. Yes, perhaps, these clothes are hardly supposed to be stylish garments, but such is the corporate conformity. Only in some advertising agencies and creative .panies workers let themselves showing their individuality by wearing some posh and stylish clothes. You can notice that first signs of corporate conformity decay appeared only in the end of XX century. Some .panies introduced casual Fridays, when their employees could wear some casual stylish garments as the symbol of the .ing weekend. The workers were even allowed to wear chinos and sports shirts. Although nowadays employees are being in more casual relations, they still should keep the rules of exact dress codes existing in every .pany. Naturally, if the’re going to be successful. It’s really very important to remember that every country has its own formal stylish garments. Besides, such casual developments have grown differently in various countries. The impetus .es from America, where you can meet even jeans and T-shirts worn by the employees of the CEO of a Silican Valley-based electronics multinational, for example. Really, stylish clothes; but supposedly a bit inappropriate for such a huge .pany. Rather hard to believe that it’s be.e so successful. So let’s move to the next point of dress rules. It’s the right time to say that you shouldn’t forget about different social levels in business, where different dress codes coexist. Seems, that leaders (like in every sphere of life, as well) dictate their own rules of stylish codes for dress and even etiquette. Anyway, there’s a feeling in some .panies that they still have to adapt their stylish garments and casual style to the customers’ cultures better than to impose their own one. Yes, it is always dangerous to forget this business culture, which includes not only dress codes with special stylish clothes, but also the whole net of etiquette. Only following the exact set of rules, you may reach some real results in business world. For example, in many Asian countries business people have to wear conservative stylish garments. However, if it is hot, they may not wear their jackets. Besides, the little black dress is an appropriate part of stylish clothes for a French secretary, but seems a bit flimsy for a businessperson in a Muslim .munity. The best advice for the international businessperson is to follow the side of conservative stylish clothes not to get into the awkward situation. You should be aware of signals you send through your dress toilette. One more point concerning dress issue should be remembered. Generation differences should be taken into consideration as well. For example, the tie might be a badge of honor for the supporter of traditional English stylish garments, but could be considered an old-fashioned military by the younger generation. Besides, some casual business parties are organized, where not only employees, but their wives also should show their social status wearing certain stylish garments. An interesting fact is that the higher the social status is the less extravagant its stylish clothes are. So, the career level can also be an indicator for stylish garments’ codes. To sum up, there are some certain rules of dress codes that dictate, which styles (conservative or liberal) of stylish garments to wear. They are the following: – you should remember the type of .pany and its conformity or liberalism of dress code; – each country has its own appropriate stylish clothes for business (more formal in Muslim countries and less severe in European and American ones); – social level could dictate the style of your dress code (even Aristotle Onassiss wore the plain white shirt and black tie at the start of his business); – even in casual parties not all stylish clothes are appropriate and certain dress etiquette should be kept. If you really aim seriously at reaching the evident results in business, you should remember certain business dress codes. Really, they are not minor, as many people suppose, because non-verbal .munication is 70-percent impact on people’s image in the whole. 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