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Womens-Issues With the number of couples .bating infertility being on a rise, there has been constant work on improving techniques to treat them all effectively. These include IVF, IUI, ICSI, sperm donation and egg donation, to name just a few. One of the ground breaking infertility treatments for the most .plex cases is surrogacy. It is useful for such couples in whom conception is not possible because the woman does not have a uterus or the uterus is not healthy enough to bear a pregnancy in a safe manner. Gay couples can also derive the benefits of this technique as it is practically impossible for them otherwise, to experience the joy of parenthood. A few decades ago, such cases would be considered hopeless but the advent of surrogacy has changed it all. How surrogacy works? Surrogacy technique involves the use of a rented womb, that of a surrogate mother or it can be a gifted womb in case the surrogate is a friend or relative who does it as a personal favor for the couple, rather than a paid service. The surrogacy can be gestational or traditional. Gestational surrogacy involves the fertilization of a couples eggs and sperm in the lab with IVF and placing it in the surrogates womb, which means that the child is the genetic offspring of the couple. On the other hand, traditional surrogacy is carried out using IUI, transferring the males sperm in the surrogates uterus so that the pregnancy takes place therein. Ways Surrogacy Benefits Childless Couples Surrogacy .es up as a feasible way of treating the most .plicated cases of infertility because it is something that goes beyond the nature, helping a woman without a uterus bear a baby she can call her own. Here are the benefits of surrogacy: 1.A woman who loses her uterus or has it damaged due to an accident or some medical problem is no longer deprived of the joy of motherhood because surrogacy makes it possible for her to have a baby. 2.Surrogacy also works for women who are past the reproductive age as it is considered rather unsafe for such women to carry a baby, and this is where a surrogate mother can help. 3.Gay couples who could not ever dream of having a family can employ this technique to have a baby of their own. They can either go for traditional surrogacy or .bine the techniques of IVF and egg donation, along with surrogacy to conceive a baby. The best thing is that the baby could even be genetically related to them as one of theirs sperms are going to be used for surrogacy. It is easy to find women who would be able to slip in the role of surrogate mother for carrying out this procedure in a successful manner. Couples can either try for a loved one to act as a surrogate or opt for paid services for the same, the latter carrying a legal clause. Overall, surrogacy may .e at a price, but the price is worth it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: