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Web-Design Designing web sites involves several skilled disciplines from type to layout & color. Color is especially vital as it provides the first impression to the user. The right colors can create a good experience for the user, while incorrect colors can have a bad impact. To create a good site, the website designer needs to know how colors affect people. People often subconsciously react to colors and associate them with different emotions & feelings.Colours don’t just stir up emotions & feelings that could influence how a website is seen but they can also be cleverly used to direct users to certain sections of your website. Every single color that you can think of can be used on the web these days, so picking the right colors can be a huge task. Here is a fast summary of how some colors provoke certain reactions. Red is linked to strength, fire, blood & lust. If used sparingly on a pale background, it can draw attention & highlight. Blue is the most frequently used color & it can symbolize confidence, loyalty & royalty. The darker end often means strength whilst the lighter end can be used to represent dream and fantasy. The color green can be linked to feelings of durability, safety & harmony. Its also a laudable color to use to emphasize calm & relaxation. Linked with feelings of cold, royalty, peace and air, blue is the best-known color for corporate web sites. It creates the opposite reaction to red. Green symbolizes nature, environment, peace and luck. Green is a good color to use to create a calming effect. Standing for joy, happiness, warning and energy, yellow has a similar effect to red, although it is not as top. Can be used to raise awareness of areas of a site visit .master-web-graphics.com. However, if it’s used too much, it can be overpowering. Grey can be linked with respect, humility, decay and boredom. Its used heavily to create shiny gradients in designing for the internet to give a professional, modern feel to a site. Orange is related strongly to spirituality and healing. Its the color that symbolizes Buddhism and it has a soothing energy about it go to .great-links-toyour-website.. Its a bold color that’s not as lively as yellow yet not a deep as red. Brown, especially the lighter end of the spectrum can have a calming effect. Beige is also a top color in designing for the web because it provides an earthy & relaxed feel. It might also mean tradition, poverty & mother earth. Grey can be associated with refinement, innovation & the future. The paler side is similar to white in that it’s an admirable color to use on a website’s background to form a sense of space & modernism. Knowing the psychology of color could give designers the upper hand when you’re designing for a client. Simply knowing which colors create which effects can drive a website to success. There nothing worse than creating a great looking website but does not connect with the site user. Using color cleverly to create feeling, contrast and balance can change a rubbish website into a great one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: