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Health Tooth whitening is not a treatment that has just arrived, a smile is something everyone throughout the world gives and there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful smile. Few people are lucky enough to have this without some sort of cosmetic intervention and most people have not had the means or finances to achieve this. But with the arrival of many different home whitening kits; it seems as though there has never been a more affordable and more accessible way of achieving that Hollywood smile that we all want. America first introduced us to the teeth whitening craze although here in the UK we did not welcome it with open arms so easily or quickly Tooth whitening has not always been a very popular choice in the UK as it is not available on the NHS and therefore, was out of reach for most normal everyday people who just could not afford the exorbitant price. Endless expensive trips to the dentist just did not appeal, that is not to say that people did not care that their teeth were yellow, just that it was generally considered as more of a cosmetic treatment rather than something someone could do themselves cost effectively. Around the world the British are considered to have teeth that do not look as good and healthy as they should. This is perhaps an unfair assumption, as some might say that having imperfect teeth gives the person character. But now with teeth whitening being even more prominent, an improved smile can be at your fingertips. With the pressure on to have brighter, whiter healthy teeth and with so many home teeth whitening kits, special toothpastes etc it has never been simpler. Having a bright white smile can indeed make you feel so much better about yourself and makes you want to show your teeth. Having that beautiful healthy looking smile removes that feeling of being conscious about speaking and showing those teeth. Very few people are born with naturally very white teeth. People choose to whiten their teeth for numerous reasons; some may have very yellow teeth due to stubborn food and drink stains especially beverages such as tea, age can affect not only the quality of teeth but also its appearance, smoking is also a big factor. If you neglect your teeth you will see a build up of tartar and calculus which will lead to the teeth becoming yellow. It has been shown that certain medications can stain your teeth. With the media and TV shows heavily plugging teeth whiteners and showing us that we can effectively whiten our teeth at a much more affordable rate than before, it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream- more and more people can now attain the smile of their dreams. Home teeth whitening kits can be cheap, quick and give effective results, although most contain a variation of what is used in dental surgeries, make sure that the kit you are buying is approved by the British Dental Health Association. Another option to think about are tooth whitening toothpastes; these can be used to promote whiteness after a tooth whitening treatment as they do remove some staining, although they are rarely strong enough to make a considerable change. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: