Thai agent understand Zou Shiming learned a lot from Pabomu lose fist-660003

Agent: know Zou Shiming Papom from the Thai Boxing transmission and learned a lot of Zou Shiming (data plan) sina sports – the United States on November 5th (Chinese November 6th), two Olympic boxing gold medalist Zou Shiming will be in Las Vegas and the Thomas Mark center, and Papom of Thailand (seven – a name for Khun Somchai) for the vacant the WBO112 pounds of world gold belt, this is Zou Shiming in the March 7, 2015 IBF world title challenge in negative Lunlong after a lapse of 1 years, another four challenges the throne of the World Boxing Organization occupation. Although Zou Shiming’s strength and his adaptability to professional boxing has some controversy, but in the operation of the market, he still has the opportunity to challenge the world’s two gold belt. This opportunity is the result of the accumulation of Zou Shiming in the Olympic events, but also part of his personal efforts, this is no doubt. Although TOP RANK held a press conference in September 27th, but until October 16th, WBO officially announced the game will be announced to the outside world. Due to the reason for the delay may be due to the level of the former WBO world champion Estrada in October 15th after the upgrade to the game, to 112 pounds of vacant world title, or TOP RANK, as well as the official WBO for this game appearance fees and authentication fees need to negotiate, will be delayed until October 16th. Thailand’s "Bangkok post" in the news, interviewed the daughter – lata Nasuban Pabomu empty PA Liya broker, Thailand occupation Boxing Association chairman of old Somchai, when talking about the Zou Shiming game, PA Liya empty said: "this is more than seven for Kun chance for him to become world champion." In 2014 two years ago, in order to compete for the world title challenge right IBF, Zou Shiming and Kun seven was a tragic but Zou Shiming since entering the stadium after the occupation, occupation boxing taste the most intense competition. In the second round he knocked his opponent down once, let more than seven strong Kun reading for 8 seconds, the final 3 to 0 victory over the dispute without judgment. But in the eleventh round, Zou Shiming himself because of physical decline, has also been a fierce right uppercut hit, resulting in the right eye was hit black eye. Empty PA Liya said: "they are two people that each have a good understanding of the game in two years ago, more than seven Kun in the last two years and learned a lot, he become faster and more powerful, of course he wants to get the championship is not easy, because Zou Shiming is very fast." In any case, he said, "this is a rare chance for Kun seven, anyway, because he is 35 years old, and he needs a win, as a summary of his career. "(Zhou Chao)相关的主题文章: