The 2016 International Horse Racing Festival opened yesterday a little bit cold sweat BMW high adora

The 2016 International Horse Racing Festival opened yesterday a little bit cold sweat BMW high adorable slender body, darling, sometimes Naoqi small temper, let the rider helpless, let the audience uproarious. This is the city yesterday unveiled the Wuhan Oriental blood bmw. Yesterday afternoon, the fourteenth session of Chinese · Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival opened the curtain in the east city, more than 6000 spectators to watch the rain horse show and the first domestic BMW Ferghana horse speed grand prix. Look at a horse blood BMW on the track gallop, the scene of passion…… See BMW rain cool is not what happened the sudden drop in temperature, under a light rain and how, all but the attraction of bmw! The horse racing festival, from afar Xinjiang 16 Ferghana horse show and played in the opening on the first day. The Chinese Ferghana horse worth on average more than 10 million yuan, the most expensive value of 30 million yuan. In order to see the legendary BMW, even if it is affected by the typhoon "hippocampus", Wuhan temperatures dropped yesterday, also began to rain, there are still many people with cameras, mobile phone and other digital devices at noon, came to the East city. "Blood BMW, BMW, I want to see the blood bmw." A little girl in the stands shouted at the sand road. Because of the weather, scheduled to start at 13:30 the BMW equestrian show delayed 20 minutes to start. 16 Knights riding 16 horse neck crane Hawkeye sweat blood horse, had just appeared on the scene due to the cheering and screaming. When the slender limbs, the darling of the Ferghana horse Benz in the sand road, many in the audience and walked off the bleachers, onto the track railing, close-up shots, enjoy the sweat blood horse yingzi. "Ever heard of BMW, particularly want to see the legendary what what. This time, I know that there are 16 horse blood horses in the horse racing festival, there are performances and games, with his wife and son, had lunch in advance from Wuchang to catch up." Wang Wei people while holding the camera side sighed: "too beautiful, is worthy of the noble in ma!" Grumpy two Ferghana does not enter the gate a BMW show, ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, but also opened the curtain of the horse racing festival. The horse racing festival, the biggest attraction is the BMW Grand Prix, this is the first time to hold the Ferghana horse race. Maybe the weather is poor, coupled with the stadium voices, a few days ago on the gate when compared to gentle sweat blood horse, before the game was Naoqi mood, let the audience overwhelmed with joy. In the gold medal match and international jockey jockey Invitational at the end of 8 in the Grand Prix horse blood BMW Ferghana horse appeared in the sand on the road. A landmark, went near the gate. At this time, "Ma GA Zi No. 4 and No. 5 in accordance with the" horse "Saam" began to temper "Ga Zi Yi always went to the gate and refused to go further," SA Yamm "is not in residence near the gate. Although the jockey and staff of golf clubs, all kinds of communication, "SA Yamm" is still under the command of jockey went to gate in front of a circle, but the character of their wild and intractable always refused to enter the gate. About more than and 10 minutes, two riders can only choose to give up the game. This episode let a lot of people see the sweat blood horse of the other side. Sweat blood horse is said to have personality, did not expect so.相关的主题文章: