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Personal-Tech Some of the best scale remote control airplanes, jets and RC helicopters currently available are the giant toys. Many remote control pilots today will build and fly large scale remote control airplanes simply because of the great fun involved. Some even go as far as investing thousands of dollars and many hours in preparing their giant remote control airplanes for .petitions similar to the full scale aerobatic airplane .petitions. In order to be able to fly these giant remote control airplanes in a .petition or merely for recreation, you need a lot of practice in increasing your control and maneuverability. You should also note that these airplanes tend to feature larger engines, more and stronger servos and are normally more expensive than your typical remote control airplane. Giant remote control airplanes may be assembled from a kit or set of plans, while some are available as ARF for those who do not have the patience or time to build their plane from scratch. Large scale giant remote control airplanes can cost as much as $10,000, inclusive of the engine and electronics. These planes will .monly include doubles of everything such as 2 batteries, 2 receivers, as well as multiple servos on each control surface. This will enable the remote control plane to land safely in the event that any of these .ponents fails. Giant large scale remote control airplanes generally have similar electronics as the micro airplanes. However, most giant remote control airplanes are powered by gasoline engines, unlike the micros which tend to feature nitro powered engines. Their high torque servos are necessary to have on every control surface in order to withstand the huge loads caused by the additional weight and size of these giant remote control airplanes. When it .es to handling giant remote control airplanes, extra caution is necessary as a crash can be costly and dangerous. Stay tuned for our next chapter in RC Helicopters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: