The broker dissatisfaction rocket Mo Tai has taken a slight serious price-roxane hayward

The broker dissatisfaction rocket Mo Tai: has taken a slight serious price rocket to Mo Tai’s attitude is dissatisfied with the sina sports news Beijing time on September 15th, according to reporter Kelvin Watkins reports the Rockets, rockets Lithuania striker Mo Tai’s agent in an interview revealed that until now, the Rockets still did not give a motel a serious offer. Mo Tai is a restricted free agent this summer, with the new season’s training camp is about to begin, Mo Thai’s agent, former NBA player Armstrong [micro-blog] hope to reach a contract with the Rockets as soon as possible. "They haven’t given us a serious offer yet." Armstrong said, "our deadline is October 1st. On that day, we will make a decision." This summer, Mo Tai and the new Rockets coach Mike – DAntoni met, DAntoni had told him that he will play an important role in the new season. Last season before the trade deadline, the Rockets will have mo Tai Trading to detroit. However, due to Mo Tai did not pass the pistons physical examination, the results of the transaction was canceled. Rocket media day is expected to be held on the 24 of this month, followed by the training camp. "We can only do so much on the basis of existing labor agreements." Armstrong added, "I’m not depressed, that’s the way it is. We know the Rockets’ position. All contracts will be made at the last minute." Last season, Mo Tai only on behalf of the Rockets played 37 games, averaging 6.2 points and 2.9 rebounds. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: