The central bright bloom flower World Holiday Plaza brand signing ceremony held successfully

The central bright bloom flower World Holiday Plaza brand signing ceremony successfully held the afternoon of September 26, 2016, by the world flower (real estate information) Holiday Plaza’s "axis of flowers · bright bloom" brand signing ceremony and you will be kicked off at the Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing. Beijing golden Kasen Cci Capital Ltd chairman Feng Yuliang, vice chairman, Ms. Zhang Jianhong and other related leaders and more than 300 well-known brands at home and abroad on behalf of the business representatives. The flower of Beijing Golden Holiday Plaza is the heart of Kasen Cci Capital Ltd, this event has been the strong support of the broad attention and well-known businessmen from all walks of life, will showcase the world flower Holiday Plaza project survey, distribution format, project process and business prospects. It is reported that the project is located in the Daxing District South Fourth Ring garnet Xiang bridge 800 meters, the bridge and the intersection of de Xian Lu Wu, a total area of 620 thousand square meters large volume, the core area of Beijing in the south, the commercial total construction area of 324 thousand and 700 square meters, a large underground parking lot with 190 thousand square meters, can accommodate 4500 vehicles for self the drive to provide consumers with a convenient. Hotels, office buildings, theaters, ice rink, international brands, like Tang, catering, entertainment and other children’s unique format, comprehensive "popularization mode" and "art mode", Beijing has created a new cultural and commercial complex mode. The day of the event, the main contract brand officially unveiled, earth free cinema, the European Yuezhen ice rink, and Volund, a dynamic Shengshi Hua Li family recreation center, rites of · Tang Xi brand, join hands together the world flower Holiday Plaza in the future. The earth free cinema is the best in Beijing studios, will bring you the most vivid auditory shock, the most cool 3D visual impact, so that you can personally on the scene and the figures in the film zero distance contact; the European Yuezhen rink has 900 square meters of seamless connection of the ice, forming a complete open Wheelchair Access and ornamental area. You can fully feel the full range of artistic skating "does not bring the same experience. · is China Tang rites; like the largest wedding culture industry center, "marriage wedding gifts" theme in the high-end multi format portfolio, let your wedding save time, worry, rest assured, comfortable, for all the beloved people to create the perfect wedding rites is · joy forever pursuit and mission of Tang dynasty. The signing of these main store settled, will bring a new urban life experience for the world’s holiday plaza. Before the appreciation, many businesses are on the world to Spend Holiday Plaza exhibit a strong sense of cooperation, including GAP, HM, ZARA, Kate, Spade (Kate silk Bei) Michael kors (Mike Kors), Tory Bruch (Tang Li. Bai Qi), Coach, ManGo, Starbucks coffee, Costa coffee, Sichuan seafood buffet, KFC, Watsons and Samsung, Apple store experience, experience stores, HUAWEI experience store, Toni& Guy and many other well-known brands. You will be success will help them to spend the world holiday 3相关的主题文章: