The challenge is unlikely to return to the end of 2, the breakthrough poster start – Sohu Entertainm sunny came home

"2" at the end of return to challenge the impossible "breakthrough" posters first – Sohu entertainment   " " breakthrough; posters first Sohu entertainment news produced by CCTV integrated channel large inspirational challenge program "challenge impossible" in the second quarter in late October 30th 8 heavy return. Today, the program released a group of "breakthrough" theme poster. In addition to Sa Beining, Lee Hom, Li Changyu to "leap" attitude has always been shooting posters, elegant and gentle Qing Dong for the first time in the theme poster shooting posture. In the first quarter of the successful launch of the "footprint expert" Dong Yanzhen, "hypnotic small animal" Han Jiaying hot on the basis of the project, "the second quarter" challenge may not continue to think globally, inviting various industries around the world to participate in the program Master stunt. In the "challenge" impossible stage to limit people to challenge and show extraordinary extreme life wonderful. In addition to Qing Dong and Li Changyu remain in jury, "impossible" challenge season second jury also added a new face — the famous musician Lee Hom. According to the director group revealed that the program group in the selection of the second quarter of the guests, designed for their different positioning. Lee Hom on behalf of the general audience perspective, and many viewers to witness the birth of a possible challenge; Qing Dong on behalf of the humanities, through the delicate female perspective behind each one interpretation of the story of ordinary people challenge, transfer of real feelings; Li Changyu on behalf of the professional, authoritative professional comments on every challenge in the professional field. The new jury lineup will collide with the new spark? The same host Sa Beining will burst out what "odd little sayings"? October 30th at 8 pm, a set of CCTV invite you to witness the challenge impossible in the second quarter.相关的主题文章: