The cold wave struck Nanjing minimum temperature of 5 degrees centigrade tomorrow morning even sunny guitarpro5

The cold wave struck Nanjing minimum temperature of 5 degrees centigrade tomorrow morning today five even sunny yesterday during the day the Nanjing sun flash, let 20 days be shrouded in rainy weather in Nanjing under a bright mood. Yesterday afternoon, the rain gradually stopped, weather experts said, this is really before the strong cold air southward through the last wave of rain, today Nanjing rain is going to stop, put an annual sunshine finally began to brace up to work, and will appear five successive even sunny, can finally put to mildew the clothes and mood are basking in the. The rain turning towards the five even sunny October, Nanjing experienced a never-ending rain, everything is damp, in addition to the cold, moist feeling and Mei Yutian did not like what two, someone left this section called the autumn weather in Huangmei. Weather experts said that this is a typical continuous autumn rain in Nanjing, and this round of rain regardless of duration or most precipitation is rare, rainy day in Nanjing for 20 days, precipitation in late October is 8 to 11 times of the year. However, no matter how fierce rain, there is always one day restore justice. The day before yesterday, Nanjing has little to see the sun, tomorrow the sun will officially work, and today is a turning point in the rain, Nanjing sunshine, will usher in the five even sunny. Meteorological experts said that the flight is strong continuous rain, the cold air forces north to the south is too strong, turn Nanjing into a "cold high" control site. Large cooling, low temperature dew point tomorrow watch you have felt, the recent rain played turned cold, weather experts said, the northern cold air strong cold wave may reach the level, it will cause a large area of the China linear temperature decreased, and it is not only caused by these days it rains in Nanjing when wet, let Nanjing sunny weather, the temperature dropped more obviously. The next five days, Nanjing is sunny weather, there will be a sense of autumn approaching winter. Meteorological experts said that the cold air will bring the minimum temperature in Nanjing decreased by 5 to 8 DEG C, the temperature low value will appear in tomorrow morning, the minimum temperature in Nanjing may be only 5 degrees Celsius, watch the frost point. As a result, the North Nanjing region, where the temperature is low, there may be early frost tomorrow morning, but generally speaking, Nanjing’s first frost usually appears in October 22nd, this year is normal slightly late. In addition, the temperature is 5 DEG C "long johns temperature warning line, tomorrow, sooner or later you travel, the cold, can add a long johns, careful to catch a cold. Jinling Evening News reporter Wang Jun.相关的主题文章: