The emperor Qian Long love bright bright aesthetic taste all-embracing t6570

The emperor Qian Long love bright bright aesthetic taste all-embracing 60 year reign of the Qian Long emperor, the Qing Dynasty entered the prosperous period of highly economic and cultural development, production of Qing palace painting and arts and crafts also entered the prosperous period of development, reached its peak in the Qing Dynasty the development of academy painting and Arts and crafts goods tibet. Qian Long’s painting of the court and the court arts and crafts are an important diary of the history and culture of this period, which not only reflects the flourishing economic culture, but also reflects the palace life and aesthetic taste of emperor Qian Long. At present, preserved in Qing Dynasty and Qing Dynasty academy painting art treasures of the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing and the Imperial Palace Museum in Taipei, in addition, there are also some personal and domestic museum collection. About the Qianlong painting academy and the arts and crafts of the written records, mainly in "the Qing Dynasty Qianlong nawufu made the office all made work" file, file a detailed record of the art gallery, museum, Ruyi was jade, enamel, teeth, embroidery, and other kinds of work conditions for mosaic every day doing the Royal workshop. The author through these archives, found the emperor preference for art has the following characteristics. Love is bright bright from the Qianlong Imperial Palace collection, making porcelain, lacquer ware, glassware and other arts and crafts treasures Wenwan color, the number of bright red, alizarin red, yellow, blue, green, bright color is relatively large, there is a preference for the Emperor Qianlong visible bright color. For example: the first year of Emperor Qianlong glass factory in March 30th for the eunuch hairball: red and yellow glass vial two. Set a small box. Red, yellow, green, small snuff bottles do a few things. Is Qianlong reign: October 29th treasurer Liu Shan nine, seven, Kazakhstan: Wood chief eunuch Hu Shijie red paint wear flower bowl sixteen pieces of chicken winnings. With regards: silver. Six years of Qianlong box: November 13th treasurer Shixiu white, such as blue eunuch Gao Yu glass vase on a glass bowl two, Sheng anthocarp, bright red wine on a glass flask, a pair of yellow glass vase, a jar of gourd, gourd pot of. For a tire with wood paste: Jin seat. More sophisticated decoration crafts Qianlong office made of porcelain, lacquer, ivory and other Wenwan jewelry, the ornamentation as well as the complex, very delicate. Qianlong personally involved in the handicraft production process: the original painting, wood pattern, first he read, his approval before the start, do not conform to his taste preferences, will put forward specific adjustments views, very detailed. For example: the first year of Emperor Qianlong enamel: May 20th, the treasurer Liu Shanjiu, seven chief Sa mu Kazakhstan will have Shaozao blue glass soft enamel snuff bottle two to turn into a eunuch, hairball. Feng: Flower painting snuff bottles is very thin, then painting painting dense, prostrate inscription. Three years of Qianlong May 6th made in Jiangxi to house it, Gu Ru glaze glaze factory, six bottles of Xuanhua, the lotus five inch disc, Longquan sugar glaze porcelain sample wash gong. The read will: "the Longquan Gong Yu Tang Ying hand washing sugar glaze, the glaze firing. Another figure Xuanhua target lotus five inch disc, the disc in Figure zoom, gave some detailed painting patterns." Some time ago popular online.相关的主题文章: