The first China Harbin Architectural Heritage list published Sophia’s list-sichen

The first China Harbin Architectural Heritage list published list of Sophia church newspaper news (reporter Li Jinglin) by the Chinese Heritage Society, the Architectural Society of China joint selection of the "first Chinese twentieth Century architectural heritage in September 29th, announced in Beijing, Harbin, St. Sophia church and the Great Hall of the people, the Shanghai Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge International Hotel, a total of 98 projects selected. It is reported that the first list is composed of Chinese Heritage Society twentieth Century Architectural Heritage Committee recommended, strict authority, under the supervision of the notary office, after the initial evaluation and final evaluation process selection out tight. Experts said that the first batch of architectural heritage included in the list is the fresh testimony of Chinese history in twentieth Century, which highly reflects the historical context of the centennial development of Chinese society and Chinese architecture. St. Sophia church is a famous landmark in Harbin City, was founded in 1907, 53.35 meters high, covering an area of 721 square meters, is a Byzantine style building, is a typical representative of the Harbin modern European architecture, historical research value, artistic value and scientific value of the building has a very high. In 1986, the church was listed as the first class protected building in Harbin. In 1996, it was listed as the national key cultural relic protection unit. In 1997, the Harbin municipal government carried out protection, renovation and comprehensive renovation of Sophia church building and its surrounding environment, making it reappear in the past.

首批中国建筑遗产名录公布 哈市索菲亚教堂上榜   本报讯(记者李晶琳)由中国文物学会、中国建筑学会联合评选的“首批中国20世纪建筑遗产”名录,9月29日在北京公布,哈尔滨市圣・索菲亚教堂与人民大会堂、上海国际饭店、武汉长江大桥等共计98个项目入选。   据悉,首批名录是由中国文物学会20世纪建筑遗产委员会权威推荐、严谨把关,在公证处的监督下,历经严密的初评和终评流程评选出来的。专家们表示,首批列入名录的建筑遗产,是二十世纪中国历史的鲜活见证,高度体现了中国社会、中国建筑百年发展的历史脉络。   圣・索菲亚教堂是哈尔滨市著名的标志性建筑,始建于1907年,通高53.35米,占地721平方米,属拜占庭式建筑风格,是哈尔滨近代欧式建筑的典型代表,具有极高的历史研究价值、建筑艺术价值和科学研究价值。1986年,教堂被列为哈尔滨市Ⅰ类保护建筑;1996年,被列为全国重点文物保护单位;1997年,哈尔滨市政府对索菲亚教堂建筑及周边环境进行了保护修缮和综合整治,使其重现昔日风采。相关的主题文章: