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The first precise poverty mode of Sichuan 870 students opened the "technicians dream" Beijing Wei Rong speech came to help students. Zhong Xin photo enterprise site donation. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, September 30 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter He Xi) the morning of September 30th, Sichuan 100 engineering technician education poverty alleviation program students in the opening ceremony held in Chengdu electromechanical engineering school. 870 students from the poverty-stricken mountainous areas, will receive a free vocational education in the school for a period of three years, began to write a new chapter in life. It is understood that the "100 technician project" is to "inherit the artisan spirit, cultivate the technician" for the mission, to foster a technologist, a family out of poverty "as the goal, to" poor households filing riser "families of students as the main recipients, with high quality service for free education for the industry measures. Through precise poverty, intellectual poverty, poverty, obstructing the intergenerational transmission of poverty. The project belongs to the country’s first precise poverty alleviation projects, joint project of Chengdu electrical and mechanical engineering school, the whole quality of occupation technology education and training to provide free poor households filing riser in the past, junior high school graduates and college students, and recommend jobs, the occupation education skills and employment closely together, to achieve precision the precise poverty alleviation and. Resettlement Bureau of Sichuan Province, deputy inspector Zhang Haipeng at the scene, Sichuan occupation education skills and employment closely together, in the country’s first "100 engineering technician education poverty alleviation plan" new model of poverty alleviation society. This new model of poverty alleviation accurate foresight, together, will play a more accurate, more effective and accurate specific poverty alleviation poverty effect. Wei Rong is one of the recipients of the students, she told reporters that the country’s first poverty alleviation plan let these poor students out of the mountains, in the spacious quarters, walked into the bright classroom, learning more knowledge, precious opportunity to learn skills. Wei Rong said: "we must inherit the artisan spirit to take practical action to become professional technicians, craftsmen, skilled technology workers, in order to achieve the dream of technology foundation, adult talent, employment, entrepreneurial success, rich families out of poverty, hometown, and make our due contribution to promote the economic development of the home." The recipients of parents on behalf of Cheng Shigang from the Bazhou revolutionary base Bazhong Sunsen Xiang Tian Liang Cun, he told reporters, "100 engineering technician" education poverty alleviation plan gives them strength to overcome poverty, see the poverty of the dawn, the heart of new hope. Chengdu electrical and mechanical engineering school for life, accommodation, education, to solve the aspirations of our children to study. The school also promised students to arrange employment after graduation, funded entrepreneurship. The children go to school and to solve our employment menace from the rear so that we can rest assured that peace of mind, hands gets rich family business." (end)相关的主题文章: