The flower thief the night Disney stealing 300 pounds of gold chrysanthemum was arrested in

The flower thief the night Disney stealing 300 pounds of gold chrysanthemum was arrested – Beijing [Xinmin? The latest reports] middle-aged couples midnight drive into Shanghai international tourism resort, holding scissors cut off 300 pounds of gold. In October 25th, two people of husband and wife drove to prepare to leave Shanghai to sell seedlings, was arrested by the police in S36, Ting Feng crossing after appearing in court, two people have argued that he was just "cut leaves". The day before, the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter learned from the Shanghai police department, two criminal detention by the police on suspicion of theft. According to the Pudong Public Security Bureau International Resort police department (hereinafter referred to as the resort area public security department) received a report, the resort hang Cheng Lu regional planting chamomile was deflower, were stolen. After receiving the report, the police quickly carry out monitoring deployment, soon, a pair of middle-aged men and women into the vision of the police. "Monitoring see them holding a knife, a man to get off work, a person in the car lookout." Hu Zhanjun according to police reports, after a preliminary investigation found that two people in Shanghai and there is no fixed address, the police immediately dispatched to the crossing. In October 25th, S36 Ting Feng crossing, police will be the thief arrested stealing flowers from the car, immediately seized several bags full of gold. It turned out that the crime of money and the relationship between the two Li couple. After appearing in court, said he and his wife a perennial engaged in the sale of seedlings, late October began to repeatedly drive to the resort in the early morning hours, a recent total cutting more than 2500 strains of chamomile, cut for 1.5 hours. The theft of gold chrysanthemum, two people ready to sell to Hangzhou, Xiaoshan and other places. They claim to be cut leaves, did not expect to be so serious offense." Police said hu. Currently, Lee and Lee on suspicion of theft by the police according to law, criminal detention. According to the police, the resort is not the first time the golden chrysanthemum stolen cut. Since the beginning of this year in late September, due to the weather and adequate rainfall, golden chrysanthemum growing better, along the three roads in the resort are large-scale planting, one after another came to steal flowers. From late September to early November, resort police have arrested the suspect has a total value of nearly 300 thousand dozen. "There is not only a flower stealing flowers in there are vendors, each time they are stealing large snakeskin bag, a bag full of gold chrysanthemum, weighing 2, 300 pounds." Hu police officer. Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Dai Tianjiao相关的主题文章: