The Golden Horse Award Feng Xiaogang a big breath, Ma Sichun almost choke actv

The Golden Horse Award: Feng Xiaogang a big breath, Ma Sichun almost "breath" click to play GIF 1442K awards ~ over the mainland film’s harvest, not only with Feng Xiaogang, "I am not Pan Jinlian" won the best director, Wei Fan teacher with "no problem" to conquer the judges won a golden Horse Award for best actor. Even the best actress we have been caught, but also belongs to happiness! "In July and still" in love to kill Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun as best actress in the fifty-third Golden Horse awards. You catch the orange caught Ma Sichun in celebration before, through these problems, based on the character of Ma Sichun in exposure also burst a material Feng dao. Many people are concerned about getting the Golden Horse Award after Ma Sichun, most want to do is, what can you eat to celebrate Hot pot. I was expecting a crazy answer, and she said, "I want to go home because I want to go home and see my family. Then, do not want to eat anything, because I feel a little fat. Looking at his eyes, oranges and melon seeds, orange Jun a little hate Ma Sichun this little fat man". The upright girl, no wonder when you can say in speech, hit his head: I say what ah? Click to play GIF 434K before she admitted that the role of a number of finalists with a lot of awards, but did not get a prize is very lost, I did not expect surprises in the back. Many people asked her if she thought together to win the prize with rain. For this special Ma Sichun expected to open, because she is "let it be" pie: I always go, leave me to find that man proposes God, is to take this movie finished, God has taught you. In fact, this point we can expect, after all she could face style mutation, is not the first time the double winning women problem just say "I don’t know", then a heartless hand said: This is not important. Different from GIF 942K and click on the play in the imagination of the "pony elder brother", we see Ma Sichun more like a silly girl, a word is not finished first abandon their "Oh I will cry," a little two, very cute. After the celebration, she said happily: we are going to drink, to answer this question is going to drink, this is the way we celebrate. Click to play GIF 1013K on the Golden Horse Awards friends must know the episode super dramatic. Feng Xiaogang, director of the award for the best actress announced the first time when the name of the name of the name of the people, who are busy in the embrace of the time, only to call out the name of Ma Sichun Dongyu Zhou. Concerned about the orange entertainment WeChat public number: (juziyule), send the movie resources to get orange Jun recommend movie resources, sitting at home watching the classic blockbuster! The scene in July and are now still froze for a second so dramatic, react, Ma Sichun can’t believe his mouth, cheered with excitement after the fist ran back together to celebrate Dongyu Zhou. Click to play GIF 1629K this scene orange Kun really lost, across the screen can feel their excitement and now wishes to friends. Click play GIF 16!相关的主题文章: