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The Korean version of "good wife" ending NANA acting was praised the "good wife" NANA Lin Zhenna Sina entertainment news   with tvN in TV series "GoodWife" (Korean version of "good wife") the perfect ending, in which NANA Lin Zhenna also gain a voice of praise. Starred in "love" "shuttle Millennium" and Chinese Du Lala after marriage was known to the audience and television works Chinese her favorite in China and South Korea has a high popularity, however, appeared for the first time the Korean drama, partner Cannes actress Jeon Do-yun outside still expressed concern. It is not expected in holding the context of NANA, with their excellent performance shattered all First impressions are strongest concept, continue to give people a surprise to sit up and take notice. Not only the audience called "forest actor" for the applause, but there is a lot of proposals for the industry, which shows the parties to NANA acting in the affirmative. NANA played in the film is a universal investigator Jindan bisexual characters, first acting challenge success cannot do without her long-term efforts. During filming, NANA always try to figure out the role, especially in work harder. She does not accept the fact that the situation is not hard to understand the line, but the time to focus on understanding the event and then digest. At the same time, the acting director Li Zhengxiao and Jeon Do-yun to ask hard predecessors, "I do not know if I asked, if there is insufficient, predecessors would tell me." NANA admits there is a positive interaction between the crew and the impact. Of course, it is not enough to decide just after the show. Two years ago began to learn acting NANA had not rashly attempted, but gradually accumulated acting, in order to have a good performance in the GoodWife. "It’s been two years since I studied acting. One year is a time to enjoy the activities of the time when the practice of sound, learning acting theory. The more you learn, the more you desire, and one day you will have the opportunity to show it." So in the face of public praise, NANA is grateful. Good or bad comments will become the motivation to motivate themselves, the first acting, prepared a lot but still very worried, I am very grateful to the lack of tolerance. Fortunately, however, we seem to feel my efforts, so the reaction is not bad, very happy and very happy, thank you very much". For NANA, the next work is more important than anything. According to the agency, said pledis, NANA through the GoodWife to cast the first shot after the actor, continue to receive a number of TV and film industry proposal, most of the starring role. However, NANA said it would give priority to choose the same as "GoodWife" good works, to choose as an actor can learn a lot of things. NANA side said that the work is under consideration, the final decision will be made in the near future. (commissioning editor: Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: