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The media should be accelerated and the sum of VR" "   blending; the content of construction resources as the fundamental – media – original title: the media should be accelerated and the "plus" VR "with" VR technology and media have a natural "blood". Data pictures both international and domestic media, VR (virtual reality) in fact has not been enough attention and application for many years. However, according to the research and development at home and abroad, the birth of VR and media technology have a natural "blood"". VR is a system of immersion and interactivity can be calculated based on the information, with simulation, interaction, artificial, immersion, immersion, systemic. In network communication, the "telepresence" is a kind of comprehensive utilization of computer, 3D imaging, electron, holographic and reality emerging and the distant reality moved to near, and the close environment of intervention technology, it can make people into a wonderful world of reality, and three-dimensional stereoscopic, reach a "true environment, is really territory realm. Therefore, many scholars at home and abroad regard VR as the core support of "hypermedia" technology. If the media can have a big innovation, big R & D thinking, then, VR is essentially a super media technology, with immeasurable dissemination of super capacity". VR development up to now, our media how to accelerate VR and "add" to "harmony", and the Internet, mobile Internet, WeChat and other "add" to "blending" the same innovation? In the technical support on the initiative to "add" in December last year, titanium media sponsored T-EDGE summit ", as the first set foot in the virtual reality China enterprise, storm mirror had predicted, VR technology will change the future of media support, storm mirror based on VR technology, accelerate the establishment of the depth of cooperation in home improvement, public welfare, tourism, and video Sankei, news, fashion, entertainment, automotive and other fields, will achieve the" push Chinese VR users reached 10 million this year; monthly to the game partners into a month to reach 10 million; content partners into reach 10 million "and" three 10 million "target. Here specifically referred to the news". This shows that the media is as VR technology enterprise "passive" plus "blending" object. If the mainstream media organizations we can like American Broadcasting Company that change the passive, active and "add" VR "blending", then it will be able to become the mainstream media like VR before micro-blog, WeChat technology, APP client, seize the opportunity to seize the initiative on the battlefield of the future of public opinion; our publicity department manager the media, agencies and all the editors and reporters, to truly become the use of modern media means new methods of expert. In the cross platform without borders "blending" at present, all kinds of development of new media, but the text and picture based communication means and can give readers the most authentic touch and feel personally on the scene, if coupled with VR, the new media will burst greater vitality. This outbreak of life needs to be based on cross-border platform. We have to make use of the already established相关的主题文章: