The National Championships qualifying teenager Zhou Yuelong missed the match through Alberton negati

The National Championships qualifying teenager Zhou Yuelong Ebdon missed the match negative promotion promotion Zhou Yuelong sina sports news Beijing time on September 29th, the 2016 international Snooker Championship qualifying battle, 16 China players, including Ding Junhui and Hongkong player Fu Jiajun, on the first day of competition, Zhou Yuelong beat Walsh 6-3 hall, passed the test successfully promotion. Since the International Championship held in 2012 is one of the most prestigious ranking season in the tournament, held annually in China, the total prize money of 657 thousand pounds, 125 thousand pounds prize, is held outside the UK tournament winning gold highest competition, held before the three session in Chengdu, the first game after Trump won, were Ding Junhui and Walton won. Moved to Daqing in 2015, Higgins became the new champion. This year’s international championship tournament will be held on October 23rd -30 day. Qualifying with 11 innings 6, Chinese Teams in Zhou Yuelong first debut, three innings before Zhou Yuelong hit a single shot 66 points, 88 points and 82 points with three cities ahead, fourth rival Howard Walsh single shot 55 points back in a minute, Zhou Yuelong after two straight ahead 5-1 to get match point, then the tenacious opponent for saving two match points, to chase the score 3-5, Zhou Yuelong in the ninth inning stalemate patiently looking for opportunities repeatedly started, eventually 67-24 win, the total score 6-3 out of opponents. The other games played, Ken Doherty, Martin Gould, Graeme dott and Ricci Walton defeated their opponents pass smoothly, Peter Ebdon lost 3-6 John ranked 77 in the world of Ashe Turley, unfortunately is blocked in the outside of the race. (a film)相关的主题文章: