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The new season Chuanzu home court will be moved to Dujiangyan part of the game is still put into three large sports news Beijing time on November 8th, Sichuan Annapurna I football club official announcement said that the new season team home court will be moved to Dujiangyan Phoenix Stadium (micro-blog). But in order to repay the support of three counties (micro-blog) fans, the team next season, as well as part of the League Cup will return to Mianyang (micro-blog) city, three county stadium. According to the Sichuan Club Annapurna I announcement: in the B League 2016 season has ended, Sichuan Annapurna I regret the final semi-final. Annapurna I took over in March 2016 after the team, the team had a poor economic situation has greatly improved in a short period of time, the team also embarked on a rapid development track. The club also let the team by signing has been greatly improved. The progress of the team also cannot do without the support of the fans from all walks of life, we would like to thank all the fans of Sichuan death parts enthusiasm, thanks to three fans never abandon the quest, thanks to all the leaders over the past year to spare no effort to support the team. We will regroup, a new season, with better results in return to follow all the fans. We would like to thank the three fans since the establishment of the team together. Chuanzu Renaissance ideal is a bumpy road we step by step out of step, thank you all. No matter the future we boarded the high level tournament, having a broad stage, we will not forget the three Taiwan fans will not forget our promise and three fans will not forget our promise, is the three child, please continue to support us, I believe. As the league’s expansion program, many teams will increase investment, the new season in the B league competition will become more intense, the club will continue to increase investment, will impact a team as the only goal. In order to make the team better in the new season is more difficult in the B League in training and competition conditions, the final choice of Dujiangyan Phoenix stadium club will be identified as the team new season home court, to ensure the completion of the new season team chongjia goal. In order to give back all three fans, the new season, the FA Cup and part of the League home will continue to be placed in the stadium of the three counties. We will come back as soon as possible, this is the meaning of parting. The new season in Dujiangyan, in the three, we rushed side by side, all the way forward! (Xu Yi)相关的主题文章: