The old man in Guangzhou accidentally lost the bus station and found good people to help them return

The old man in Guangzhou accidentally lost the bus station and found good people to help them return home information times news (reporter Zhou Weilong) the morning of September 22nd, from Sichuan Zhu Bo from their home in Guangzhou to go out for a walk after missing after the incident, the family was looking for, but no results. According to the old man’s daughter Miss Zhu said that surveillance video showed the old man’s last appearance was September 22nd morning in the vicinity of Tianrun Road Interchange, "he must walk out of lost." After the incident, the family in the police for help at the same time, looking around. Last night, the news came, Miss Zhu said his father was found in the Milky way, the body does not matter. Go out for a walk, 7 old man disappeared, my father will not take a bus here, who also have no money and cell phones." In communication with reporters, Miss Zhu some excitement. According to it, her father from Sichuan, since his sister and settled in Guangzhou, the parents will come to live in Guangzhou for some time each year. A few months ago, the old two came from home to Haizhuqu District, the daughter of the family living in the house, my father a little dementia, but it is normal to communicate with people, usually go out with my mother is accompanied by his two." On the morning of September 22nd, Miss Zhu mother cooking at home, Zhu alone to go out, my dad said to go out for a walk, my mother told him not to go far, just in the district." Miss Zhu said his father rarely go out on weekdays, and occasionally go out for a walk in the area is also concentrated in or around a few short road. In the morning, Zhu Bochang did not go home, the family quickly downstairs to find, but not the trail of zhu. Searched to no avail to the public for help, according to Zhu, wearing a white T-shirt, khaki knee shorts, wearing out father grey hair, the skin is not black, slightly bent back. He said the Sichuan dialect, but can understand Mandarin, because a little dementia, so we can not remember the phone and home address, but the state of mind is very good." The family said, while looking around, while the police for help, finally can be found is at noon on September 22nd at 11:53 in the surveillance video, showing the old man walking in Tianrun Road overpass, "he walked in a hurry, must be lost." Old father disappeared nearly two days, the family is most worried about his safety. Miss Zhu said, notice issued, they received a lot of good people to provide clues, "someone said he saw Guangyuan Road along the way to Xintang." She asked the people of Guangzhou, "if you see him, you can take the initiative to ask. My name is Zhu Dan, his eldest daughter. My sister is Zhu Qian. You can ask him if he was a soldier." She stressed that the lost days, father’s mental state must be affected, but even did not answer his name, the old man will not forget his daughter and was a soldier of this two things. Well intentioned people recognize the old man after looking over the past two days late yesterday, Miss Zhu told reporters excitedly: "my father found!" According to its said last night there are good people in the vicinity of the Milky way Tangxia bus station to see the elderly, after receiving the news, the family immediately to the scene to confirm, he may be tired, sitting on the bus station next to the road. I was moved to tears." It is understood that the mental state of elderly home相关的主题文章: