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The prefix savior bulls back to the main battlefield of the black Thursday curse again that! Today the two cities to open lower, stock index fell 3200 points, due to lack of hot market, after the opening of the two city to maintain low volatility, the gem refers to the performance of the doldrums. In the afternoon there burst plate in the China prefix Unicom, Chinese MCC pulled under the drive of active, The Belt and Road sector strong rise, the three major stock indexes across the board up to the 3200 point mark integer in the plate again. At the close, the stock index at 3208.45 points, up 3.39 points, up 0.11%; deep index reported 10945.42 points, down 22.67 points, down 0.21%; entrepreneurship blackboard 2163.04 points, down 19.43 points, down 0.89%. The Shanghai stock market trading volume, turnover of 226 billion 776 million yuan, the Shenzhen turnover of 318 billion 896 million yuan, the two cities a total turnover of 545 billion 672 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day volume of nearly 80 billion yuan. Overall, a negative impact on the gem, the gem fell after rising for 4 days, it said! But the gem has been weak there are still trading opportunities, especially on the occasion of the opening of Hong Kong, a low index can also lurk. As the market fell, the space has been blocked in the capital and policy yongcu, today the Bulls back to the main battlefield of the motherboard, once again the future performance of the stock market is still the focus on. It is in operation, suggest that investors can track strong stocks, especially at the end of the expected dividend stocks and major shareholder change stocks. Back to the broader market: from the current point of view, today’s gem fell on the market is not a small impact, and early two collective callback, is a rebound in the early rebound of a chip profit. From the above analysis can be found in the current technology, the Shanghai index has exceeded the big triangle; the Shanghai index is very strong, all the index station on average; middle observation, according to a large triangle theory breakthrough distance, market outlook will be 3400! So what kind of strategy should be followed? A shares of hot money market will do more strong. Sinocom permit research Wang Zhihui think, Shanghai refers to reach 3221, the short-term performance of the red weakness, the amount can significantly reduced, the outlook is expected to appear benign retracement! The hands of a large increase, can be high enough to check out! But at the same time need to pay attention to the evolution of the market rhythm. On the operation, you can gradually buy batches of low quality stocks are not obvious start! More detailed analysis of the market outlook and interpretation, can watch the video card tonight in research "shares" sea gold, password 8888. But in permit research Huang Hengjun said: the main battlefield of the motherboard market position is difficult to shake, the value of the investment market has come, this is the strength of the trend, will not be reversed, will continue to the end of the bull market. Today’s disk shows the state of the watershed, the risk of the gem will be relatively larger. Interested friends please internal video viewing card "tonight in research road to Jane", password 8888. >相关的主题文章: