The silver age of a serial murder and the past of a city

The silver age: a serial murder and a city of the past the original title: the silver age: serial murder of a serial murder and a city of the past "a pile of more than 28 years, let the silver northwest town known overnight for more people. Here is the victim, the murderer, police and residents living places, from 1988 to 2016, and the fate of the individual city intertwined, we see a left traces of the times from them." Qing Cheng Zhen Cheng He Cun Cheng He Cun August hot and gloomy, shorten the day, night long. A sparrow eat green fruit pear tree. The pear is huge, covered with cracks, for here 100 years. Corn is ripe, plastic greenhouses, eggplant purple body swelling. Many kinds of insects in plants through buzz with luxuriant foliage. A gust of wind blowing, the birds and insects are pecking the pears falling down, hit in the mud, a dull sound, bursts of glittering white flesh juice and morning dew has not cleared up mixed wet grass. A large pear orchard was Gao Junwei contracted out for several years, he opened a leisure farm here. The door stands a big sign: three fort, chess room, catering, accommodation, parking contract. There are a few more words on the sign: the old taste that has not been lost. Gao Junwei got up late, the first night, he put the TV series, "the Song Dynasty official punishment," the last episode to see. This episode is about after the mountain and found dead Mingquan temple, Jin Yu is class actress small pink, Song Ci after the autopsy, after several twists and turns, to find the murderer. Song Ci or powerful, then there is no DNA technology." Gao Junwei sat at the table, smoking "Lanzhou". Left: Gao Chengyong Qing Cheng He Cun town house; right: stop the neighbor son playing computer to the morning, still asleep. He wanted to wait for his son to get up and talk to him about where he went to school in September. In June, at the end of the silver son junior high school, want to go to Chengdu to read technical school. He felt that to read the technical words, might as well go to Lanzhou. Lanzhou close to home, what better to take care of. He didn’t bother to go to school for his son. Son is not very obedient, Qingcheng middle school did not allow him to continue his studies in the school. Gao Junwei sent him to the silver, for a few schools, finally finished junior high school. Gao Junwei envy neighbor Gao Chengyong. Gao Chengyong’s two sons are diligent and conscientious, never worrying about their parents. Looking down from the high house Junwei can clearly see the roof, high Chengyong yard. Two children are not at home to write the work, is in the yard or yard at the entrance of the aisle to play, such as drawing a lattice in the mud, above skip. Most of the time they were two brothers, not too far from home. Every time I see the two children in the neighborhood, high, I think, my son can be so good. The most parents put their children to love to go to school in baiyin. The closer to the town of silver, silver water is separated only by a the Yellow River, from Qingcheng to its jurisdiction in Lanzhou city are not so easy. Qingcheng is in the north of Yuzhong, a long history. "There’s a city, then Lanzhou." This city is qingcheng. The farm gate相关的主题文章: