The ten effects of salt beauty and skin care are worth

The ten effects of salt beauty and skin care are worth collecting. Salt is a condiment often used in our daily life. But you know, besides eating, salt has many unexpected beauty functions. And Xiaobian together to understand the ten beauty effect of salt bar. A cosmetic effect: to eliminate the bump a practice: with finger dipped in a little salt, massage three times in Douyin spiral, and then take a little salt deposited in the pox and India, five or six minutes after the wash. But remember not to massage the growing acne. The effective index assumes the cosmetology effect two: get rid of spots, improve rough skin specifically: salt water to wet compress on the face, gently massage for 1 minutes, to the nose as the center in the cheeks drawn up by the next round. Then use the pulp in the black part of the circular motion rub can effectively dilute the black spot. : * * * * effective index three: oil cosmetic effect specifically: because the T zone out of the oil will be more general, to control the oil, available fine salt wet wipe in the T area, gently massage for three minutes, and then both sides of the nose part of the open pores with the middle finger from the bottom up to do extrusion massage a minute. The effective index assumes the cosmetology effect four: double chin Reduction Practice: with the right hand finger picks full of salt. Along the edge of mandible and right cheek move from middle to right; similarly, the fingers of the left hand edge of mandible and left cheek to the left and right hand movement; alternately, rhythmically for 50 times. Then wrap the salt with the plastic wrap, fix it with the hair band, rest for 10 minutes, rinse with water, and do it once every other day. * * * * effective index: cosmetic effect five: removal of underarm odor specifically: bath salt will wipe the armpit, gently massage a few minutes, the elimination of underarm odor. On a hot summer day, you can also use cotton pieces to soak the salt water which is slightly lighter than the sea water, and use it to remove the sweat at any time. The effective index assumes the cosmetology effect six: hair care practice: if you are oily scalp, hair is not too oily, can use normal shampoo wash hair after washing salt evenly on the scalp, gently massage with 3-5 minutes, then rinse with clean water. 2-3 times a week. The effective index assumes the cosmetology effect seven: exfoliating practice: After cleansing, take a small spoon of salt put 3-5 drops of water on the palm, then fingers carefully stir salt and water, then wash with water from the smear forehead from top to bottom, rub while massage a few minutes later, to be the face of the brine is dry powder, with warm water to wash face, rub moisturizing lotion to add moisture to the skin, wash your face every morning and evening after each time. This is very good cleaning and removal of facial dead skin, but should pay attention to avoid the eye around the skin, pay attention to sensitive skin, with caution. * * * * effective index: cosmetic effect eight: wash eyes pollutants specifically: sometimes when windy weather, some contamination into the eyes, after coming home, with warm water rushed a cup of salt water with cotton Zhanqu wiping corners, can remove pollutants, make eyes more bright. * * * * effective index: cosmetic effect nine: relieve back acne specifically: let the body fully warm bath until the pores open after wiping salt in the back.?

食盐美容护肤的十大功效 值得收藏 食盐是我们日常生活中经常用到的调味品,但是你知道吗,食盐除了食用之外还有很多你意想不到的美容功能。和小编一起来了解下食盐的十大美容功效吧。美容功效一:消除凹凸痘痕具体做法:用指腹沾少许盐,在痘印处螺旋状按摩三次,再取一点盐敷在痘印上,过五六分钟后洗去即可。但切记不要按摩正在生长的青春痘。有效指数:★★★★美容功效二:祛除黑斑,改善粗糙皮肤具体做法:用水把盐打湿敷在脸上,用手指轻轻按摩1分钟,以鼻头为中心在两颊由下往上画大圆。然后用指腹在黑斑部分打圈搓揉即可有效淡化黑斑。有效指数:★★★☆美容功效三:控油具体做法:由于T区出油一般会比较多,要有效控油,可用细盐弄湿抹在T区,用手指轻轻按摩三分钟,然后在两侧鼻翼毛孔张开的部分用中指指腹由下向上做挤压式按摩一分钟。有效指数:★★★★美容功效四:减双下巴具体做法:用右手指沾取充分的食盐。沿着下颌及右脸颊边沿由中间往右移动;同样,左手指沿下颌及左脸颊边沿往左移动;左右手交替进行,有节奏地做50次。然后用保鲜膜把抹盐的部分包起来,用发带固定,休息10分钟后用水冲掉,隔一天做一次即可。有效指数:★★★☆美容功效五:去除腋下异味具体做法:洗澡时将适量食盐抹在腋下,轻轻按摩几分钟,有利用消除腋下的异味。炎炎夏日,平日也可以用棉块浸上比海水稍淡的盐水随身携带,随时用它来除去汗水。有效指数:★★★★美容功效六:护发具体做法:如果你只是头皮油腻,头发还不算太油的话,可以用洗发液正常清洗头发后,将洗发盐均匀涂抹于头皮之上,再配合指腹轻轻的按摩3-5分钟后,清水洗净即可。建议每周2-3次。有效指数:★★★★美容功效七:去角质具体做法:洁面后,把一小勺细盐放在手掌心加水3-5滴,再用手指仔细将盐和水搅拌均匀,然后沾着盐水从额部自上而下的涂抹,边搽边按摩几分钟后,待脸上的盐水干透呈白粉状时,用温水将脸洗净,擦上保湿乳液为肌肤补充水分,每天早晚洗脸后各一次。这样有很好的清洁和去除脸部死皮,不过要注意的是,避开眼部周围的皮肤,注意敏感性皮肤慎用。有效指数:★★★☆美容功效八:洗去眼中污染物具体做法:有时遇上刮风天气,会有污染物进入眼睛,回家后,可用温水冲一杯淡盐水,以棉棒蘸取擦拭内外眼角,可以去除污染物,令双眸更明亮。有效指数:★★★☆美容功效九:缓解背部痘痘具体做法:沐浴时让身体充分温热,待毛孔张开后将盐抹在背上。使用刷子按摩1分钟,不能太用力,只要让皮肤及刷子间的盐分移动即可。然后用海绵蘸上淡盐水,贴在背上10分钟,用水冲净即可。坚持使用,可有效缓解背部青春痘。有效指数:★★★★美容功效十:去脚臭具体做法:将充分的粗盐抹在脚尖、脚趾之间及脚底部分,并用刷子搓揉5至6次,休息5分钟后用水冲净即可。有效指数:★★★☆扫描下方二维码,回复关键字“毒素”即可测测你身体里究竟有多少毒?相关的主题文章: