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Home-and-Family "There’s nothing new under the sun" is a .monly used phrase in the fields of psychology and self-help. It means that most every theory or philosophy has been studied, researched, and then presented to the masses in one form or another, some for hundreds of years. Authors and experts interpret these theories and integrate their insights and opinions, but the core information remains virtually the same. What is new is the awakened attitude of millions of people worldwide. Human beings are a never ending evolving species that continues to be forward thinking in almost every area of our lives. From technology to medicine, we share a .mon goal of improving. However, understanding the critically important role of our own psychology has been one of the slower areas of our lives to evolve. For many years there has been a stigma attached to the fields of psychology and self-help that equates to being weak or not in control of our own being. At one time the mere mention of counseling or therapy would be dismissed as non-sense and something only those with weak minds would engage in. In recent years this has changed. It has been very encouraging to me as well as countless others who have made human psychology the focus of their careers, to have been able to witness the progress in the area of our emotional and psychological health. For this reason, during the last decade a huge market has developed for those devoted to helping others achieve optimum emotional health. There has been an overwhelming interest in books on personal growth in the last few decades. Adults in today’s society support a growing market of self-help material; from seminars and workshops, to books, tapes, CD’s and DVD’s. The most recent to .e to the forefront has been the uncovering of the power of the principles of the Universal Law of Attraction. Research shows that the self-improvement market in the U.S. is worth 9.6 billion dollars. As a part of that market, books on the law of attraction have received growing attention in recent years. They have brought attention to the principles of the law of attraction and popularized the concept that thoughts and beliefs impact your health, success, relationships, and create your reality. Today, interest in the law of attraction is at an all time high. The message "strikes a chord" in people’s hearts. We all want to be better, do better, and have more. And now we are seeing evidence that the progress made in the mindsets of adults is being taken to the next level. This not so new "new" information is being passed on to our children, the next generation. Parents are realizing the tremendous value in this information and are opening their minds to parent their children in a much different way than the way their parents raised them. Parents have always focused on giving their children the best life they could; however, this new knowledge has created a different mindset and because of it, parents see their role in their children’s lives much differently. We now understand that our role as parents is to guide, inspire and encourage our children to be.e the person they were created to be, rather than to try to mold them to be what we think they should be. The goal for parents is to teach them how to be.e responsible for what happens in their lives. The emphasis has shifted to helping our children realize and utilize their power of their choices and their thoughts that is present in them at birth. The principles of the law of attraction are universal law, similar to the principles of the law of gravity. It simply IS, whether we accept it, believe it, or understand it. Because millions of people are now aware of the importance of our emotional health, the desire to understand these principles and how to utilize and implement them into our lives to work in a positive way has spread worldwide. The fact that there is nothing new under the sun will hold true for eternity. This new attitude and mindset promises to create a society of people that is rooted in positive thinking, being responsible for themselves rather than to view themselves as victims, and to celebrate the uniqueness of all people. The fact that the mindset and attitudes of parents has changed in a real way is a much wel.ed truth. Parents are taking action. They are examining how and what they are teaching their children both directly and indirectly. To effectively change where you are going, you must understand where you have been. Today, our society is struggling in many areas, from an unbeatable war on drugs to staggering unemployment statistics. Our generation has been forced to carefully examine what has led us to this point. In fact, the recent presidential election was based on a .mon cry for change and many are answering that cry to make positive changes. This new mindset .bined with a new approach to parenting guarantees real and lasting change is upon us. It is through our children, the next generation, that the change we all desire in this world will evolve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: