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Home-Securtiy We hear a lot about the increase in crime around the festive period but the increase in house fires are often not so prominent. Fire Is one of the greatest dangers to your home and possessions and whilst Burglaries often leave householders feeling violated the crime is normally possession based Fire isn’t so picky and often costs people their lives. Statistics show that House fires rise by 50% during the festive period due to a variety of different festive problems such as extra electrical items plugged in, Candles left lit near to loose decorations or wrapping paper , tree lights left on overnight . With the Alcohol flowing people can easily lose sight of their home protection and be.e careless. What can you do to help prevent yourself a victim of fire? Here are a few fire safety hints to help you this festive season. Don’t leave cooking unattended or risk cooking when you’re drunk. Make sure that you extinguish all candles before you go to bed and never leave a candle near any hanging material such as curtains or loose paper Check all Christmas lights before you plug them in an never leave them unattended. With plug in decorations and lights make sure that you are not overloading sockets or extension cords and never make a chain of extension cords to reach across a room. Use a fire guard to protect against flying sparks from open fires and even wood burners as although they appear to be sealed if vents are left open sparks can escape through these. Make sure all fires have died down and the embers are extinguished before you retire for the night. make sure all cigarettes are extinguished and never smoke in bed. If you have elderly friends , relatives or neighbours make sure that you also check their smoke alarm and run through safety precautions with them One of the easiest things that you can do is to make sure that any smoke alarms are up to date and working, testing and replacing the batteries as necessary takes very little time or effort but really can make all the difference. If you do not have a Smoke or fire alarm installed this is the single most important thing you can buy this December! Fire doubles in size every 60 seconds so within 1 hour you could easily have lost your home and worse loved ones if you are unaware. Every second really does count! Smart Home Protection offer the Fire Guardian monitored alarm system that is smart home protection for your family. Fireguardian is a wireless alarm system that .municates with a central hub in your home and raises the Alarm directly to a fire alarm response centre that is manned by experts and will dispatch help to your home immediately whether you are home or away, awake or asleep! It is designed to offer your home protection whether you are in it or not! If in the event that you burn your tea then the smart home protection fireguardian features 2 way audio to alert the response centre its a false alarm…that’s real smart home protection! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: