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SEO Body How to enhance value of your existing website? If you are tired of old SEO techniques and want to try something new then try to adopt effective Google optimization techniques. Select the .pany that follows guidelines stated by Google and which remains updated with latest online SEO developments. Everyday there is something new happening in market which you should be aware of in order to raise your web traffic. Following are three things without which Google optimization process is in.plete: Content is important Recent Google update is such that give high importance to content part of website. There are people who consider adopting effective SEO techniques but do not concentrate on content part. They think that article submission, social book marking, PR submission, Meta tag description, etc are enough to gain good rankings. How will you gain ranking when article or content written is bad? You can gain visitors by means of SEO which is your target but you cannot gain customers with bad content. Google optimization is basically in.plete without proper content so ask your service provider to concentrate on content part. Correct keyword density is important Content that covers keyword density score will definitely grab attention of Google. Proper keyword density will prevent you from spam like stuff. Experts say that; don’t work with the mind set of adding so and so keyword with so and so quantity. Go with the flow and write article that is based on keyword and which winds up the required density. Here your market research plays very important role. Correct market research can automatically develop your skills related to writing work. If you have worries related to keyword density then you won’t be able to write natural and quality content. Always keep in mind your target market rather than keyword density because it will help you to write correct article. Title tag and Meta tag are important Why is title tag so important? Title tag is basically used for: Keyword placement Page description Brand recognition With proper title tag Google can find it easy to read. Proper keyword stuffing is essential because unnatural keywords are not invited. Do you know word snippet? During Google search the search page that .es across offer description which is snippet of content. Meta tag description here plays important role and is crucial part of Google optimization. If you want your website to reach to number one position and gain maximum customers then do not trick with guidelines stated by Google. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: