Three Good Reasons To Ski

UnCategorized Frankly speaking, skiers traditionally do not need a list of good reasons to do what they love doing, whether they are taking to the slopes in France or anywhere else. For most .mitted skiers, it is not a question of whether they will pursue their passion if only they can find a good reason to do so. That they will be on the slopes somewhere is a given. And why not? Skiing is an exhilarating and challenging sport that almost never disappoints, regardless of venue and conditions. As any skier knows, Europe has an abundance of excellent ski resorts. Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, to name just a few, all boast excellent skiing venues. And no doubt they would argue point for point that skiing in their country is equal to or better than all other experiences. French skiers would undoubtedly disagree of course. But if you do need good reasons to pass up all others in favor of a ski holiday in France, here they are: * The first reason is that the ski industry in France is bending over backwards to get skiers on their slopes. Like the rest of the world France is well aware of the effects of the current economic crisis. They are also aware that there is another crisis that can have a direct effect on the skiing industry. Global warming has the potential to throw a giant monkey wrench in the gears of French ski resorts and the skiing industry in general. It is not as imminent a threat as is the economy, but it can be much more devastating in the long run. Anyone in the industry with any vision has to be concerned and they are. The result is that there are many excellent deals to be had. Hotels, villas, chalets and apartments are offering very attractive discounts and discount packages, especially for those who want to book either the beginning or end of the ski season. It is a kind of "strike while the iron is hot" mentality at work that primarily benefits the consumer. French ski resorts want to fill up all available rooms for as long as they can. The result is that skiers who want to spend a week or two on the slopes in places like the new ValNorSois area in the Vanoise National Park or any of the resorts in the Val d’Isere area can find some excellent deals. Whether you are on your own or with family, all of these well-known resort areas offer a full .plement of activities for skiers of all skill levels from beginners to pros. Many resorts are also teaming up with airlines and trains to offer .plete packages. It can’t get much easier to find the right package to fit your needs. It does, however, require some investigative Internet research. * The second reason to ski France is that there are lesser known gems that will provide excellent skiing and great ac.modations at rock bottom prices. For example, a willingness to get off the beaten track of the star-studded resorts in favor of places like the Pyrenees will be a pleasant surprise. The Grand Hotel resort in Superbagnese in the town of Luchon is ideal for families. They offer a family pass with special prices for two adults and two children. Architecturally, the resort is said to remind some visitors of the haunted hotel in the Steven King novel, "The Shining." But not to worry. The only ghosts taking up residence are past skiers reliving wonderful experiences. The Pyrenees have wonderful schools for young children just learning to ski and as robust an apres ski night life as the big resorts in Chamonix and Val d’Isere. And like those resorts, some of the chalets are located within meters of ski lifts. Guests can walk out of their doors and be on a lift in a moment or two. * The third reason for skiing in France is much more ephemeral, though a drawing card nevertheless. France has a wonderful legendary world class skier history and tradition. How much more exciting can it be for skiing enthusiasts to tackle the same ski runs in the tracks of skiing greats like Jean Claude Killy, Julien Lizeroux, Nadia Franchini and Sandrine Auber? It is much like the amateur footballer who dreams of what it would be like playing with Pele. It doesn’t get much better for amateur skiers than to go barreling down the same slopes that Killy did, living for the moment on the edge of greatness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: