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Seriously injured! CengCheng ligament season recovery time of 6-8 months – China 0-0 Iran sports Sohu (Sohu Pei stopping Zhang Yuning elegant sports force Xu Jiang Shenyang September 6th report) zhongyizhizhan Chinese team gains 1 points and, also paid a heavy price, the reporter learned from the national team after the game, Chinese team goalkeeper Zeng Cheng knee posterior cruciate ligament rupture confirmed, had surgery, under normal circumstances, Zeng Cheng will rest for about 6 months, which means that the national team must find a new goalkeeper. The opening fifth minutes, Iran launch counterattacks, Shao Jia Zhisai ball strength is slightly big, Amiri has to get the penalty area ball, still without feet, knees directly into the CengCheng, the referee immediately pulled out a yellow card to Amiri. The collision was not light in the presence of a stick for a while back in the field, indicating that he can not continue the game, the Chinese team was forced to replace the goalkeeper. After the game, Gao Hongbo was very angry about the foul, saying it was a violent act. Zeng Cheng was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment after the ambulance, and after the game was also a wheelchair back to the national team to stay in the hotel. Sohu sports reporter to get the latest news, once the knee cruciate ligament rupture, certainly to be treated with surgery, combined with postoperative recovery time, Cheng’s recuperation period will be up to 6-8 months. This also means that Cheng will miss most of the Chinese team in the 12 game. Over the past few years has been the first national team goalkeeper, after his injury means that the national team must determine a new main force in the future to replace the former sincere.相关的主题文章: