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.puters-and-Technology With the number of app developers submitting their apps growing day by day, the navigation through so many options is quite challenging for the users. The .petition for high rank in application searching is tough too. To capture as many users as possible, these days SEO tricks are used for apps as well so that your apps are optimized, thus more visible. Here are some tips which might aid the first-time application developers manage as well as market their apps better. Social media- Through social media, a .pany can increase public awareness about the brand as well as encourage audience engagement. It allows audience to engage with the .pany on a social level in a personal style of the .pany. Optimizing app name- In SEO terms, if your app has a good as well as apt name, then there are positive effects in both mobile app marketplaces along with search engines. The name should have relevant keywords, including brand name along with additional keywords to describe the application. Creating keyword tags- In case of promotion of apps, an important role is played by keywords. For example when you are promoting you app in Apple App Store, the keywords should be optimized for maximum 100 characters which include spaces, separating the keywords with just .mas. In this example, keywords are understood by the store one-at-a-time, not in phrases, so synonyms along with plurals should be used for the ranking of the keywords. Visual aspect- The visual aspect of the app should have special emphasis on display icons, images and screenshots. The image quality should be good; pay attention to the differing sizes as well. Do not forget video trailers which will help you showcase your app properly. The video’s URL should be added on YouTube along with a text description which is short, highlighting the app’s top features. User reviews- Mobile marketplaces take user review into account when they rank an app. With positive reviews the ranking gets better. In case the app is new without many review, the users can be invited to leave good positive feedbacks. But they should like it as there is no expiration of reviews. Additionally interaction is very essential like social media, so top users should be identified to directly interact with them. Targeting the audience- Your configurations should be checked well to ensure the app’s visibility for the defined audience. The distribution page as well as the pricing should be considered as well, to see if they are appropriate for the targeted countries where you want to distribute our app. Also do check if you have restricted distribution to some specific wireless carrier or not. Defining .patibility- Ensure whether the configurations have excluded any device or not. View device .patibility list to check. All supported devices will be seen by default but the list can be filtered to take a look at the unsupported devices. User experience- The most important thing in the entire process is ensuring that high quality along with lasting experience is delivered to the users. Users are the last word in any kind of development, so if the end result is not good enough then no amount of work will guarantee you positive response in the long run. Users should be encouraged to provide feedbacks as well as +1 re.mendations. If any user has some kind of bad experience then respond to that and solve the issue as that might lead to a 5 star review instead of a 1 star one. After the creation of an app, it is but obvious that the focus should be shifted to marketing so that your app gets seen in market and gets popularity. However, many people often overlook this. To increase the visibility there should be some kind of a plan, even before the creation and make sure that the plan is followed throughout. You can hire developers from top Android development .pany who can help you build applications within allocated budgets and time schedules. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: