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Advertising For many people, reliable power, warm water, and a consistent interior temperature are an important part of a .fortable home. But these can prove to be expensive because of rising electricity bills. If you have natural gas, propane or oil heat, which many homes do, that cost gets even higher. One easy solution to this problem is to install solar heating panels. Solar panels are not as expensive as you might think, and you will save money in the long run. Your energy bills will be much lower because the sun will be providing most of your energy. With the current demand and future projections for oil consumption, it is pretty clear that continuous utilization of this finite resource is not a sustainable plan. Looking at this fact .bined with all of the negative impact oil consumption has on our environment, we are forced to take measures by looking for alternative sources for renewable energy sources. Two of the most promising of these sources are solar power and geothermal heating and cooling. These are both infinite energy sources that can be utilized without causing environmental damage. Solar panels function by absorbing solar radiation to heat water. Such panels are usually placed on the roof where they can collect the most sunlight for optimum performance. Solar panels can also be installed in other areas around the house. A professional in solar heating and cooling repair and installation will be able to tell you the best place to install your solar panels. Among the cost-effective and environment-friendly uses that made solar technology such a popular solution, one of the most effective uses is heating. Instead of continuously burning fuel for internal heat all year round, energy and heat are trapped by the solar panels and stored to heat your home or water. This will substantially reduce your monthly bill for heating and air NC residents and businesses who have solar systems installed often say that the system pays for itself within 5 years. Current solar heating technology is readily available for both residential and .mercial uses and has grown much less expensive in recent years. It is also easily .patible with most floor heating and air purifier filters and ducts. However beneficial and practical solar heating panels can be, they also have some weaknesses. Among these are the costs of construction and installation, which have improved considerably, but can still be a large initial expense. Another concern is the space that traditional solar panels take up. To get around this problem, some people gradually add panels to their system as needed. Others use photovoltaic shingles, which are solar cells that look like roofing shingles, These take up no more additional space than any other roofing shingle, and are much more subtle than large solar panels. The few disadvantages of solar heating are clearly outweighed by the benefits, and solar technology is constantly improving. Contract a local heating and air conditioning contractor who specializes in solar power today to see about installing solar panels in your home or business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: