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To eat grapefruit season then eat it will get angry? – Sohu health grapefruit will be lit? Grapefruit for its juicy and delicious, high nutritional value, is one of many people’s favorite fruit. But there are a lot of people worry about eating grapefruit will be lit, in the end to eat grapefruit lit or under fire? Chinese medicine believes that grapefruit sweet and sour, cold, with Qi and phlegm, lungs and bowel, blood and spleen and other effects, is a good fruit in winter nourishing and relieving cough after a cold and angry. In addition, in addition to the fire, there are the following: the nutritional value of grapefruit contains natural essential trace elements in patients with hypertension, 1 of potassium in grapefruit, almost no sodium, it is suffering from cardiovascular disease and kidney disease patients (if renal insufficiency associated with hyperkalemia is forbidden) the best diet of fruit; 2. Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C, can reduce the cholesterol in the blood; 3, grapefruit pectin can lower the level of low density lipoprotein, and can reduce the extent of damage to the arterial wall; 4, grapefruit and enhance the efficacy of physical fitness, it helps the body more easily absorbed into calcium and iron, contains natural folic acid. For pregnant women, the prevention of anemia symptoms and promote fetal development effect; 5, fresh grapefruit meat contains a role similar to the Insulin composition of chromium, can reduce blood sugar. Grapefruit not with medications clinically, patients with hyperlipidemia with a cup of grapefruit juice a MEVACOR pills, hypolipidemic effect is equivalent to a cup of water to take 12 ~ L5 of similar drugs, patients will therefore have muscle pain, even kidney disease. Some patients taking anti allergy drug terfenadine period, if eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice, mild dizziness, palpitations, arrhythmia, sudden death may be serious. Adverse drug effects and grapefruit are: cyclosporine, caffeine, calcium antagonists, cisapride. Drink a cup of grapefruit juice, and the possibility of the role of the drug will be maintained for 24 hours, therefore, the patient is taking medication, especially the elderly, it is best not to eat grapefruit or grapefruit juice. People should not eat grapefruit: women should not eat the pill according to a US study, effect of grapefruit on the pill is most prominent. Experts say "if taking contraceptives, in sexual life after eating 1 ~ 2 grapefruit, or directly with a large glass of grapefruit juice pill, then she may become a mother, because hinder the absorption of grapefruit pill." Physical deficiency people should not eat grapefruit cold, spleen deficiency diarrhea who eat grapefruit will diarrhea, so physical deficiency people should not eat. Liver function is good not to eat grapefruit grapefruit contains an active substance unknown, an enzyme of human intestine was inhibited, the normal metabolism of drug interference, the blood concentration increased significantly. Liver detoxification, liver function damage, but also may cause other adverse reactions, and even poisoning. Patients with kidney disease should not eat grapefruit and grapefruit contains a large amount of potassium, patients with kidney disease should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Video: the 5 coup teach you to pick a thin skin.相关的主题文章: